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Research Administrator Day
WedSep 25

Research Administrators Day – September 25, 2024

National Research Administrators Day is observed annually on September 25. Research administrators play a significant role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the research enterprise. This day is dedicated to those professionals who assist researchers at research organizations and educational institutions to conduct research. Many organizations around the globe give students who participate in these researches scholarships to pursue their higher education. Learn more about scholarships on Scholaroo.

History of Research Administrators Day

Research is the key to discovering new information that can be used to make an impact or bring about a change in the normal modus operandi of things. Research entails multiple roles, from overseeing and compliance to review and interpretation. Research administrators carry out these functions to perfection with an aim to deliver accurate results. Research administrators help to ease the load on top management so they can focus on core activities and ensure overall objectives are met. These hardworking professionals can be found in a variety of fields such as health, education, business, and government, for both public and private organizations.

Research administration initially started in the 1940s with a small number of people but now this field has picked up momentum. To recognize the diligent work carried out by these research administrators to keep research projects on course, the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) submitted National Research Administrator Day in August 2015. Later, September 25 was declared officially as Research Administrator Day. NCURA is the first and largest non-profit professional society for research administrators. They are committed to supporting research and its 7,000 members.

Research administration is a tough job and requires certain academic and professional qualifications and credentials to enter into the field. Beyond that, how well you can perform and flourish in this field depends on your capabilities. Research Administrator Day can help to throw light on this reputable profession and inspire others in the process to explore this as a suitable profession.

Research Administrators Day timeline

The Term ‘Research’

The earliest recorded use of the term ‘research’ is found.

Research and Development

The concept of the relationship between research and development emerges.

The Declaration of Helsinki

A set of ethical principles regarding human research ethics is formed.

Revision of the Declaration of Helsinki

After multiple revisions, the latest Declaration of Helsinki is finalized at the 64th meeting in Fortaleza.

Research Administrators Day FAQs

What is a research administrator?

A research administrator is someone that undertakes administrative maintenance, compliance, review, or oversight for a sponsored program. 

How do I become a certified research administrator?

Candidates need to hold a bachelor’s degree and possess a minimum of three years of related experience. Additionally, one also needs to pass the Certified Research Administrator examination before being conferred the right to use the CRA designation.

How long does it take to become a CRA?

The program duration is about 20 to 21 months which includes coursework in research site management, clinical research management, research protocol design, an introduction to ethics, and clinical research terminology.

How To Observe Research Administrators Day

  1. Share successes of administrators

    If you work with research administrators, share their successes and give them their due credit. Showcase their hard work in your office among peers. You will end up boosting their morale and making their day.

  2. Thank a research administrator

    Take this opportunity to sincerely thank a research administrator. Their work requires a lot of meticulousness, precision, and mental stamina. It’s not easy. Appreciating them for their efforts will boost their productivity.

  3. Explore it as a career option

    If you’re a graduate looking at viable career options, you can look up research administrator as an option. If you know someone interested in the field of research, this is something you can even recommend to them.

5 Important Facts About Research Administrators Day

  1. Types of research

    There are two distinct types of research; academic and scientific research.

  2. Research principles

    A research project should have an objective, be systematic, and be organized.

  3. Research activities

    Research activities include studying information, modeling, measuring, comparing, and interpreting.

  4. Publishing

    Research has to be published for the world to view and access.

  5. Makes a difference

    Research can actually help to make a real difference in the world.

Why Research Administrators Day Is Important

  1. It’s a thankless job

    Research administrators have a thankless job and get overlooked easily in large organizations. However, their work deserves due credit and their efforts should not go unnoticed. Research Administrator Day puts the spotlight on these unsung heroes.

  2. The job requires mental stamina

    Conducting research is not easy. You need to be able to do planning, critical thinking, double-checking, analyzing, interpreting, and more. All of these tasks take up a copious amount of brainpower. It can be mentally draining but still very rewarding. It deserves to be celebrated.

  3. Promotes the profession

    Not many consider becoming a research administrator on the first go. This is mostly due to the lack of information surrounding what research administrators do and the scope of growth in that field. Research Administrator Day can help to throw light on that and promote it as a viable career option for budding and aspiring researchers.

Research Administrators Day dates

2024September 25Wednesday
2025September 25Thursday
2026September 25Friday
2027September 25Saturday
2028September 25Monday

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