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Remember Me Thursday
ThuSep 26

Remember Me Thursday – September 26, 2024

We are raising awareness for orphaned and sheltered pets today on Remember Me Thursday, which occurs on the fourth Thursday of every September. This year, it’s on September 26, and the goal of the day is to share the importance of pet adoption and shine a light on all orphan pets waiting in shelters and rescues. Since its inception in the year 2012, Remember Me Thursday has made more than one billion impressions on social media and has been saving pet lives ever since.

History of Remember Me Thursday

Pets deserve to be loved, cared for, and appreciated in nice loving homes, and this is inclusive of our strays and orphaned pets as well. Pet adoption can be a life-changing decision for both the pet and the family involved. Each year, over one million pets are euthanized annually, and although that number has consistently decreased in the last decade, there is still a lot more work to be done in spreading awareness. Remember Me Thursday was created just for that purpose.

The movement began in 2012 and was created by Mike Arms, the CEO of Helen Woodward Animal Center, a non-profit organization located in San Diego County that has been helping animals to find their future homes for over 40 years. It was established in 1972 and provides educational and therapeutic programs for people, as well as humane care and adoption for homeless animals.

Since the organization began the movement, the awareness of the need for animal adoption has steadily increased in popularity. In the previous six years of the campaign, over 190 countries supported the movement with hundreds of thousands of individuals and more than 700 separate animal welfare organizations around the globe holding candle-lighting ceremonies of their own, spreading the message on social media, visiting the Remember Me Thursday website, or lighting a virtual candle. In fact, by 2017, over 330 million people got involved to spread awareness for animal adoptions, setting the campaign up to be a global event.

Even some of your favorite celebrities want in on the action, with celebrities such as Diane Keaton, George Lopez, Katherine Heigl, and many more using social media to share the message and save orphan pets. Remember Me Thursday is observed every fourth Thursday of September, which is September 23 this year, and aims to unite individuals and pet adoption organizations around the world to be an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets in need of forever homes.

Remember Me Thursday timeline

The Society

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) begins its mission.

First Shelter

The first U.S. animal shelter is by Caroline Earl White along with other female animal activists, and is called ‘The Women’s Branch of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals.’

Curbing Animal Overpopulation

The ASPCA recognizes the need to control the pet population and begins its Low-Cost Spay/Neuter programs for adopted dogs and cats.

No-Kill Movement

Best Friends Animal Society is formed and becomes the flagship for the no-kill movement.

Remember Me Thursday FAQs

What is Remember Me Thursday?

Remember Me Thursday is a campaign aimed at uniting individuals and pet adoption organizations around the world to be an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets in need of forever homes.

Is pet adoption cheaper than buying?

Adopting a pet from an animal shelter is much less expensive than buying a pet at a pet store or through other sources. Buying a pet can easily cost $500 to $1000 or more; adoption costs range from $50 to $200.

What does euthanize mean?

To kill an animal humanely because it is very old or sick or because there is no one to take care of it.

How To Observe Remember Me Thursday

  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter

    If you aren’t willing to take a new pet into your home, you can also opt for some volunteer work at your local shelter. By feeding them, petting them, walking them, or just spending some quality time with them, you can bring joy to these abandoned animals, and let them know they are appreciated. Call a shelter today and see where you fit in.

  2. Spread the word

    The rapid growth of this movement is majorly due to the active campaigns across social media by individuals, celebrities, and organizations. Actively spread awareness today about shelter and rescue animals, as well as the adoption processes that change their lives forever. Use the hashtag #RememberMeThursday to spark a buzz.

  3. Participate in the Remember The Rescue Pet Photo Contest

    Are you already a pet adopter? Use this contest as an opportunity to win amazing prize packages for a rescue of your choice! The Remember Me Thursday campaign is giving away thousands of dollars of food and cash prizes, and you can enter your beloved rescue pet by taking a picture of them for 2021’s Pet Photo Contest starting August 20.

5 Facts About Animal Shelters You Should Know

  1. Most of the pets had previous owners

    Owner surrender is a major driver of shelter populations because many pets are handed over to shelters by their owners.

  2. They aren’t choosy

    While most data available on animal shelters pertains to cats and dogs, shelters and rescue organizations may be home to a wealth of other animals.

  3. Animal overpopulation is a driving factor

    With over 70,000 puppies and kittens being born each day, there is a growing population of unwanted or accidental puppies and kittens throughout the world.

  4. Most unadopted pets get laid to rest

    Available data suggests that around 56% of dogs and 71% of cats that end up in shelters around the U.S. are ultimately euthanized.

  5. Shelter adoption is a cost-effective option

    Typically, adopting a pet can be free or cost up to $250, which is significantly less than the cost of buying dogs of certain breeds.

Why Remember Me Thursday Is Important

  1. It raises awareness

    Remember Me Thursday raises awareness on the effect of pet abandonment, and how we can improve the lives of stray and orphaned pets around us. This campaign has affected the lives of many sheltered dogs positively and given loving homes additional members. The more we know, the more we can improve.

  2. Every pet deserves a loving home

    Every pet in the world deserves a place they can call home, even the unwanted ones as well. This campaign encourages the adoption of unwanted pets and the fostering of orphaned ones.

  3. It is saving animals’ lives

    A lot of animals’ lives have been and can be saved through the popularity of this campaign. Euthanasia rates at shelters are on the decline, and data collected from 21 shelters across the country found that most have seen a significant decline in euthanasia rates between 2012 and 2018 due to a myriad of efforts intended to curb overpopulation and a rising trend in pet adoption.

Remember Me Thursday dates

2022September 22Thursday
2023September 28Thursday
2024September 26Thursday
2025September 25Thursday
2026September 24Thursday

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