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You’re Welcomegiving Day
FriNov 29

You’re Welcomegiving Day – November 29, 2024

You’re Welcomegiving Day is observed every year, on the day after Thanksgiving. The day was created to remind people to say “you’re welcome” as a response to the appreciation that people showed during Thanksgiving. When people say “thank you,” the response is usually “you’re welcome.” After Thanksgiving, it’s time to celebrate You’re Welcomegiving Day.

History of You’re Welcomegiving Day

The history of You’re Welcomegiving Day is cloaked in controversy; some say the holiday was created by a man called Richard Ankli as a way to add an extra day to the Thanksgiving weekend. However, others speculate that the holiday originated from a blog post in 2002. Whatever the case, we know how important it is to properly show and accept appreciation, which is the purpose of You’re Welcomegiving Day!

The phrase “you’re welcome” was used as a response to the phrase “thank you” as far back as 1603 and is found in Shakespeare’s play, “Othello.” The phrase stems from the old English word ‘wilcuma,’ which is a combination of the words ‘guest’ and ‘pleasure.’ Though it is also used to graciously welcome a guest, it has become a commonplace response to thanks.

However, it is believed by some that the phrase carries some underlying smugness or self-appreciation. It has also become a rote response that most people may recite without even realizing it.

On social media, a person might create a post with some meaningful or entertaining information and caption it with the phrase “you’re welcome,” acknowledging that people will appreciate it. This is also done outside of social media, as a person might not even wait for a show of appreciation after a kind act before spouting the phrase “you’re welcome.”

This is not to say that “you’re welcome” isn’t a much-needed part of social interaction. However, whether one uses those exact words or replaces them with others, the point remains that we are to accept appreciation with the same humility and grace as we received. The privilege of being a blessing is indeed one to be grateful for.

You’re Welcomegiving Day timeline


“Welcome” is mentioned in “Othello,” a play by William Shakespeare.

First Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving meal is shared between European colonists and Native Americans in Massachusetts.

National Holiday

George Washington declares Thanksgiving a national holiday.

The 1900s
You’re Welcome

“You’re welcome” becomes a standard response to “thank you.”

You’re Welcomegiving Day FAQs

What day is Thanksgiving?

In the United States, Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

When was the phrase “thank you” first used?

The phrase originated before the 12th century and is derived from the Latin word ‘tongere,’ meaning ‘think.’ It loosely means “I will remember what you have done for me.”

What country celebrates You’re Welcomegiving?

It doesn’t matter where you are. Saying “you’re welcome” is a polite way to accept gratitude.

How To Celebrate You’re Welcomegiving Day

  1. Respond gracefully

    When someone expresses their appreciation for something you’ve done, remember to respond with grace and humility for getting the privilege to be a blessing to others. You’re welcome.

  2. Say “thank you”

    It’s important to show gratitude and appreciation when someone does or says something kind to you. Saying “thank you” should become a habit that extends beyond this celebration.

  3. Use the hashtag

    Let everyone know why we’re celebrating. Then, get on social media and add the hashtag #yourewelcomegivingday to a post about appreciation and humility.

5 Important Facts About Ways To Say “You’re Welcome”

  1. My Pleasure

    Example: “It is my pleasure to be of service.”

  2. No problem

    Example: “No problem at all.”

  3. I was honored

    Example: “I was honored to do it.”

  4. You’re so kind

    Example: “You’re so kind.”

  5. Very welcome

    Example: “You’re very welcome.”

Why We Love You’re Welcomegiving Day

  1. It’s an opportunity to show gratitude

    In our fast-paced world, people often forget to slow down and appreciate both the little and the big things in life. On this day, we’re reminded to pause and reflect on our blessings.

  2. We show our appreciation

    This day also reminds us to appreciate those who show love and kindness. Whether it be the thoughtful stranger who held a door open for us or parents who do the seemingly mundane tasks that make our lives just a little bit easier, show your appreciation.

  3. We can demonstrate humility

    In both giving and receiving thanks, an attitude of humility is necessary. Therefore, give thanks with humility and receive them with the same gracious attitude.

You’re Welcomegiving Day dates

2022November 25Friday
2023November 24Friday
2024November 29Friday
2025November 28Friday
2026November 27Friday

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