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Mauritania Independence Day – November 28, 2024

Mauritania Independence Day is held every year on November 28, the same day they got their independence from France several decades back. We are honored to celebrate this historic day. Mauritania is known as a desert nation — two-thirds of its land is located in the Sahara desert. It has had the same name since 300 B.C. It is a fascinating culture, and the majority of its people are Moslem. Their religion is a mixture of Moslem and African beliefs. There are four national languages — Hassānīya, Pulaar (Fulani), Soninke (Sarakolle), and Wolof. French has been the official language since independence.

History of Mauritania Independence Day

Mauritania, legally recognized as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is situated on the Atlantic coast of Africa. The country has the Atlantic Ocean to its west and has over half of its land located in the Sahara desert to the north. The country is divided between the Arab-Berber and Black African population, which jointly numbers over 4.5 million citizens. Unfortunately, the country is currently racked with insecurity, corruption, and a myriad of problems. These might easily make one lose sight of the rich mineral resources which abound in the land, the over 100,00 acres of fertile soil for farming, and the majestic, breathtaking landscapes.

Historically, Mauritania was the center of the Almoravid dynasty. It was mighty and had a far-reaching impact in the Middle Ages, championing the spread of Islam to different parts of the world. It even influenced the Islamic parts of Spain. France colonized and annexed the country in 1904. This deepened a narrative marked with slavery and several other ills. The country finally regained its independence on November 28, 1960, with Moktar Ould Daddah as the first president. The country has since then been debilitated by numerous military coups until 2007 when it returned to civilian rule.

Mauritania’s Independence Day celebration marks more than just a day of freedom for its citizens. It is a remembrance of their culture and heritage; of the past darkness which had overshadowed the country’s history, and a call to strive towards a better and fulfilling future where all citizens of the country can proudly call it home.

Mauritania Independence Day timeline

Almoravid Dynasty

The Arab-Beber people, part of which constitutes citizens of Mauritania, are a powerful dynasty.


France annexes the country as a colony.


The country of Mauritania gains independence from France and is known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Democracy is Foiled

The country returns to democracy in 2007 under President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi who is then removed in another coup a year later.

Mauritania Independence Day FAQs

How many national holidays does Mauritania have each year?

Mauritania currently celebrates eight national holidays each year. These include New Year and Labor Day on May 1.

What is political life like in Mauritania?

Mauritania is an Islamic republic. It has a highly centralized government. The executive president is the head of state. He is aided by a prime minister who acts as the head of government and a council of ministers.

Is Mauritania the most Islamic country in Africa?

Most Mauritanians identify themselves as Sunni Muslims. They believe that their society is the most Islamic in Africa. Mauritania is an Islamic republic whose law is sharia. Their flag (green with a yellow crescent and stars) symbolizes Islam.

How to Observe Mauritania Independence Day

  1. Flaunt their flag

    Get a Mauritanian flag and flaunt it in celebration of their Independence Day. You can hold the flag as you move, affix it to your belongings, or even wear clothing carrying the country’s colors.

  2. Learn more about the country

    There is no better time to learn more about the country of Mauritania than this. Go online, go to the library and get materials about the country to aid your understanding of their people, culture, and traditions.

  3. Celebrate on social media

    A little Happy Independence Day greeting would go a long way. Go online to your social media platforms and celebrate with them with the hashtag; #MauritaniaIndependenceDay, and #HappyIndependenceDayMauritania.

5 Fun Facts About Mauritania

  1. The last to abolish slavery

    The country was the last country to end slavery within its borders, although it still prevails underground at present.

  2. Ship graveyard

    The Bay of Nouadhibou in Mauritania hosts one of the largest ship graveyards in the world, having close to 400 ships abandoned there.

  3. Richat Structure

    This is a huge circular structure located in the country’s desert area, which looks like a bull’s eye if viewed from space.

  4. No decimal currency

    They are one of the two countries in the world which does not have a decimal currency.

  5. The poverty level

    Mauritania is one of the poorest countries in the world, with close to half of its population living in poverty.

Why Mauritania Independence Day is Important

  1. An inception of change

    The Independence Day in Mauritania marked the beginning of the change in the country and a journey towards self-sufficiency and self-determinism. This makes the day unique and important to Mauritanians and everyone joining in the celebration.

  2. A remembrance of hard-won freedom

    Independence for the Mauritanians did not come on a gold plate, making it such a significant event for them. The day is a remembrance of the sacrifices of those who struggled for a free Mauritania, and an appreciation of these sacrifices.

  3. A departure from slavery

    The independence of Mauritania began the process that would see to the abolishment of slavery in the country. This took a long time because it had already become an integral part of the country’s culture.

Mauritania Independence Day dates

2024November 28Thursday
2025November 28Friday
2026November 28Saturday
2027November 28Sunday
2028November 28Tuesday

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