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SunNov 17

National Testosterone Awareness Day – November 17, 2024

National Testosterone Awareness Day on November 17 is all about the primary male hormone for men. The anatomy of a man is fueled by testosterone, keeping us healthy and energetic. Anyone wanting to burn belly fat, lose weight, build muscle, improve libido, and overall have a healthier life needs to focus on naturally increasing their testosterone levels. Initiated by Over 40 Alpha and Funk Roberts Fitness, National Testosterone Awareness Day celebrates the hormone and creates awareness about its importance. Unfortunately, as testosterone levels start to decrease by 1 to 2% every year once a person hits 30, this leads to a loss of mental, physical, and sexual health. This is accelerated by the stress of our modern-day lifestyles, which causes testosterone levels to dramatically drop even further. 

History of National Testosterone Awareness Day

The hormone testosterone was first discovered in 1935. In the same year, scientists were able to successfully synthesize testosterone from cholesterol, leading to the beginning of modern androgen therapy. At the time, testosterone was taken orally as 17α-methyl-1-Testosterone, which came with dangerous side effects. The 1939 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to Adolf Friedrich J. Butenandt and Leopold Ružička for their contribution to the study of sex hormones.

This propelled the ‘golden age’ of steroid chemistry that continued until the 1950s. Extractions and synthesis of testosterone and its derivatives continued throughout the next decade. The hormone was found to be a potent booster of male libido, strength, energy, and more. Soon, it became known as the rejuvenating elixir; as dubbed by the French physiologist and neurologist Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard.

In the 1950s, the injectable version enanthate became the go-to medication and therapy for testosterone. Further research focused on the chemical modification of the hormonal compound to enhance its anabolic properties. Anabolic steroids have become obsolete in clinical medicine, but are prevalent in drug administration. Testosterone undecanoate was added to the androgen spectrum in the 1970s.  

The WHO, FDA, and NIH hypothesized preparations of natural testosterone for maintaining serum levels in 1992. This was first achieved by a transdermal scrotal patch, which eventually evolved into transdermal testosterone gels in 2000. 

National Testosterone Awareness Day timeline

Testosterone Extract

Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard injects himself with testosterone extract derived from animals.


A team of scientists identifies the male hormone testosterone.

Testosterone Treatment

The value of testosterone treatment is debated by doctors.

The First Transdermal Patch

The first testosterone transdermal patch becomes available, paving the way for wider use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Benefits of Increasing Your Testosterone

  1. Better sleep 
  2. Improved energy and mental focus
  3. Increased confidence and more drive
  4. Increase in muscle mass and bone health
  5. Decrease in fat mass and help with weight loss
  6. Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer
  7. Increased libido, sexual satisfaction
  8. Can alleviate symptoms of ED
  9. Less joint pain
  10. No more depression or mood swings, less anxiety
  11. Decreased inflammation in the body 
  12. Better overall health and decreased chances of chronic illness and disease

10 Signs of Low Testosterone

  1. Increased body fat and weight (belly fat). Aromatase — the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen — is in fat so the more fat you have the more estrogen you have. Additionally, estrogen will tell your body to stop producing testosterone. Moral of the story? The lower your estrogen, the more testosterone you will produce! 
  2. Reduced sexual function/desire — in other words, a low sex drive. 
  3. Erectile dysfunction
  4. Decreased muscle strength and muscle mass
  5. Ongoing fatigue
  6. Changes in your emotions — being more irritable, depressed, and unmotivated
  7. Low bone density
  8. Low to no energy
  9. Development of breast tissue 
  10. Decreased cognition functions and memory loss

Listen to the Over 40 Alpha Podcast on this topic for more information.

7 Ways to Naturally Boost Testosterone

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How to Observe National Testosterone Awareness Day

  1. Testosterone 101

    Find out what testosterone is, why we need it, and what happens after the age of 40.

  2. Mindset

    Develop a testosterone-boosting mindset.

  3. Sleep

    Focus on getting seven to nine hours of quality sleep per night.

  4. Recovery

    Decrease stress and cortisol with, for example, meditation.

  5. Nutrition

    Follow the testosterone-boosting diet.

  6. Workouts (training)

    Use total body metabolic resistance workouts four times per week.

  7. Supplementation

    Add supplements to your nutrition.

  8. Post on social media and join the program!

    Use the hashtags #TestosteroneDay and #TestosteroneAwarenessDay to keep the discussion going. Discover information on testosterone, its intake, and therapy from people around the world. For just $1, you can join over 10,00 men in the Over 40 Alpha Workout, Nutrition, and Brotherhood program specifically created for men over 35, 40, 50, and 60 who want to naturally boost testosterone, lose weight, build lean muscle, increase energy and get into the best shape of their life. Visit: for more information.

Why National Testosterone Awareness Day is Important

  1. Testosterone is the ultimate male hormone

    As the primary hormone encompassing male sexual characteristics, a day dedicated to all things testosterone is extremely important for men.

  2. Implementation of lifestyle changes to increase testosterone

    Signs of low testosterone, how it can be naturally increased, the best foods for maintaining testosterone levels, food to avoid, and more are widely discussed on National Testosterone Awareness Day for a better understanding of the hormone and to help us make the necessary changes in our lifestyles.

  3. Progressing research

    The national observance of this hormone is just what is needed for further research on and the progression of hormone studies.

National Testosterone Awareness Day dates

2024November 17Sunday
2025November 17Monday
2026November 17Tuesday
2027November 17Wednesday
2028November 17Friday

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