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American Education Week – November 18-22, 2024

Every year, American Education Week is held a week before Thanksgiving. This year, it starts on November 18 and ends on November 22. Have you ever wondered how American education grew to be what it is now? American Education Week is celebrated to remind and reinspire us to make education in America even better, as we celebrate the pace-setting contributors to the educational system. This week involves the students, parents, educators, scholarships, and the community as they all come together to observe a week dedicated to education.

History of American Education Week

American Education Week was first celebrated on December 4–10, 1921, after the alarming rate of illiteracy was recognized and a meeting was held in 1919 by the American Legion and representatives of the National Education Association (NEA). The aim of this special week was to create awareness about the need for education and garner support to fund schooling systems. In the years that followed, American Education Week gained sponsors that impacted the American education system.

American Education Week continues annually in every U.S. community to present the achievements and needs of the local public schools and secure support for meeting these needs. It is celebrated with a different theme each year and follows a structure set up by NEA, with an activity created specially for each day.

Monday is the Kick-off Day, celebrating the start of the week by familiarizing students with the theme, activities, and purpose of the event. Tuesday is Family Day, where parents will be invited to actively experience how a school day goes for their children. This has been shown to improve student performance in school. Wednesday is Education Support Professionals Day, a day to celebrate a school’s support staff. Thursday is Educator For A Day. On this day, community leaders will be invited to work as an employee in the school, performing all the duties of a teacher for a full day. Friday is Substitute Educators Day. This day celebrates people who are always available to replace regular teachers when there is a sudden emergency or temporary leave.

American Education Week timeline

The First Academy

Harvard, the first American academy is established.

The School for All

The first public school is established in the U.S.

A School for Every State

Every U.S. state has a public school in it.

The Week for School

American Education Week is first celebrated.

American Education Week FAQs

Do students go to school during American Education Week?

Yes, they do. The week is celebrated on the school’s premises.

What does American Education Week celebrate?

It celebrates the achievements of public schools in America and honors the work of people making a difference in education.

What is the theme for American Education Week 2021?

It has not been announced. Nevertheless, the purpose of the week does not change, so get ready for it.

How to Observe American Education Week

  1. Follow the NEA structure

    There is a timetable set for each day of the week. Celebrate each in your own way, as fun and creative as possible.

  2. Keep everyone involved

    Ensure everyone has a specific and fun role to play throughout the week. Let it be engaging for the parents, students, and educators as well.

  3. Give awards and gifts

    As we celebrate people who contribute to education, we can also motivate them by giving them gifts and awards for their excellent work.

5 Amazing Facts About Education

  1. The most populated school

    The City Montessori School in India has more than 32,000 students.

  2. Too much homework?

    If you think school is hard, it is nothing compared to what students in China experience. They do 14 hours of homework, the highest number of hours in the world.

  3. Long summer breaks

    Chile gives students a three-month break, starting in December and ending in March.

  4. World’s oldest school

    The King's School, founded in 597 A.D., is in Canterbury, England, and is over 1,400 years old.

  5. Rap in Maths

    Rap helps children to learn mathematical concepts easily.

Why American Education Week is Important

  1. We value education

    American Education Week helps us recognize that we are privileged to access education easily. It makes us appreciate our education even more.

  2. We appreciate educators

    This is a time to thank educators for their efforts in imparting education in schools. They are world changers and we're glad to have them.

  3. We connect with our kids

    Through this week, we are able to follow up on the academic activities of our kids. This helps us understand them better and build a better relationship with them.

American Education Week dates

2021November 15Monday
2022November 14Monday
2023November 13Monday
2024November 18Monday
2025November 17Monday

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