National Unfriend Day – November 17, 2019

Sun Nov 17

Dear Jimmy Kimmel, you are a gentleman and a scholar.  On behalf of the users living in the digital era, we’d like to thank you for establishing a day of unfriending unnecessary people from our lives. Join us on November 17th as we celebrate National Unfriend Day by simplifying our connections online.

National Unfriend Day Activities

  1. Find what matters

    Here is an exercise for you: review your friends one by one and figure out who really matters to you. Do you really need to stay in touch with your lab partner from 10th grade? It may be hard to cut them loose but you will feel better overtime. Remember what they say, quality over quantity.

  2. Connect with your friends in real life

    Unplug from your virtual world and invite your friends over for a cup of coffee or to watch a movie. Focus on the people that you make you happy in person, rather than those that only "like" your posts online. These are your true friends and these are the relationships that will last longer overtime.

  3. Move them to LinkedIn

    Most of us have blurred the lined between personal and business connections by befriending people on Instagram and Facebook. If you are not comfortable with completely deleting your business connections, then simply reestablish your friendship through a professional platform like, Linkedin.

Why We Love National Unfriend Day

  1. Fresh Start

    How many friends do you currently have? Do you keep in touch with all of them? Do you really need to stay in contact with them? It is common for friend lists to grow out of control –– trust us, we all do it. So If the answer to the last question is no, then take a few moments to start from scratch by deleting anyone that you haven't talked to in the last year.

  2. No more Drama

    Do you have friends that over share? Or possibly air out their dirty laundry online? Think to yourself, do I really need to stay updated with this person's daily affairs? Life will naturally hand you a variety of your own problems, so don't let anyone else's issues consume you. Hit delete and free yourself!

National Unfriend Day dates
2019November 17Sunday
2020November 17Tuesday
2021November 17Wednesday
2022November 17Thursday
2023November 17Friday