National No Beard Day – October 18, 2019

Fri Oct 18

Whether you’ve been sporting a beard since high school or just last month, there’s definitely someone out there who would be thrilled to see you with a baby smooth face again. (Even if it’s just your mom who’s vocal about it.) Certainly, shaving off your facial hair is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to change up your look. And who knows? Going clean shaven could give you a totally new outlook on life, land you that job, or completely change your dating pool. And if you don’t like the results? Just grow it back for November.

National No Beard Day - History


​ Electric shaver was born

​Though the first idea for an electric razor came in 1898, Schick patented the first successful shaver decades later.


The last president with facial hair left office

When William Howard Taft left, he took his famous twirly mustache with him. Since then, no sitting president has had either a beard or mustache.


Lincoln grew a beard

An 11-year-old girl wrote to Abraham Lincoln when he was running for president — saying she would get her brothers to vote for him if he grew a beard because she thought it would look better on his thin face. He was sporting his iconic chin curtain when he won the election. Coincidence? Hmmm.


​​The safety razor was invented

​​​Shaving at home became possible with the advent of the safety razor. Before that, the only choice was to pluck or let barbers with questionable tools do it for you.

National No Beard Day Activities

  1. Shave it off

    Assemble all the right products, like a new razor, shaving cream, and moisturizer. A good exfoliant can't hurt, either. Trim your beard to a manageable length, soften up the remaining hair by taking a steamy shower or applying a hot towel to your face, and then apply shaving cream. Shave with the grain while holding your skin taut to get the best results. Exfoliate and moisturize that awesome skin below and voila! You're a new person.

  2. Enlist a bearded friend to join you

    Okay we know, shaving off the beard that took you so long to perfect can be scary. So convince a friend to do it with you. Take some "before and after" Instagram shots and cherish the memories.

  3. Hire a professional

    Getting a straight-razor shave from a barber is one of the most relaxing, manly, old-fashioned things you can possibly do. So sit back and leave the shaving to a professional. Self-care is cool, and you'll leave smoother than if you DIY'ed it.

Weird Beard Facts

  1. Some people are genuinely terrified of them

    Pogonophobia is a real thing, which means anyone who suffers from a fear of beards is freaked out by the mere sight of one.

  2. Ninety-eight percent of America's richest men don't have one

    If you want to get on the Forbes list, it's time to start shaving.

  3. The same chemical, dihydrotestosterone, promotes both beard growth and balding

    One theory postulates that having a beard contributes to baldness due to the body's increased thermoregulation effort.

  4. ​They've been subject to tax

    ​Both Peter the Great and the state of New Jersey tried to cash in on facial hair in the past.

  5. ​Beards are like velcro, trapping food and bacteria inside them

    ​Let's all admit it: The thought of leftovers and viruses lurking in facial hair is a total turn-off.

Why We Love National No Beard Day

  1. Kissing is more comfy

    Those people who love you and love to kiss you? Remember — your facial hair gives them beard burn, which is painful and unsightly. You know how cool you think your beard looks? That's how uncool the rash it gives us looks. So go clean-shaven and get more kisses.

  2. It makes you look younger

    Maybe you grew a beard to stop getting carded every time you ordered a beer. But if it's been awhile since you went clean-shaven, people (especially potential romantic partners) might go ga-ga for that babyface you're hiding underneath all that hair. And if you just grew it recently? Take pride in slamming your ID down and telling the bartender you're going to be a very youthful-looking senior citizen someday.

  3. Your career might get a jumpstart

    Most executives are clean-shaven, and the higher up the ranks you go, the more apparent this becomes. So if you're gunning to be your company's next CEO? Losing the beard can't hurt. You have to look the part to get the part, right?

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