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National Sunday Day – October 18, 2024

National Sunday Day is celebrated on October 18. Sunday is the first day of the week, and in many Western cultures, it is a day of rest before the start of the regular work week. For some Christians and Catholics, it’s also the day when they dress up and go to church in their Sunday finest. Sunday’s English name, on the other hand, has nothing to do with its religious significance. Sunday is a gender-neutral name from the United States that means “born on Sunday.”

History of National Sunday Day

Unlike Wednesday, which is named after the supreme Norse god Odin, and Thursday, which is named after Odin’s son Thor, Sunday is named after the ball of gas that illuminates our days. With its cheerful beginning syllable, Sunday is one of the most popular of the day names, made Hollywood-famous when Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban selected it for their baby daughter.

The last name Sunday can be traced back to England’s ancient Anglo-Saxon civilization. The earliest use of Sunday as a last name dates back to old England when the Sunday family lived in a house close to the sands. Sunday is an example of a topographic surname, given to people who lived near a physical feature like a hill, stream, church, or tree.

Because of their nearness to the sands, the first bearers of the surname Sunday were given that name. The surname Sunday first appeared in Worcestershire. In fact, the church of Wickhamford carries the mark of the Sunday line. A descendant, Lord Sandys, had the entire church repaired in 1841.

National Sunday Day timeline

11th Century

The English noun ‘Sunday’ is derived from ‘sunedai,’ which in turn was derived from ‘sunnandæg.’

The Heide Museum of Modern Art

Sunday Reed and her husband establish the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

Sunday Adelaja

Adelaja is dubbed ‘The Face of Kyiv’ in May.

Sunday Muse

Muse is a voice actress and establishes the website

National Sunday Day FAQs

In Christianity, what does ‘Sunday’ mean?

In Christianity, Sunday is a day of worship and rest.

Who came up with the concept of Sunday?

Constantine did, who was the Emperor at the time.

What's the story behind Sunday worship?

Christians have been gathering for worship on Sunday since the time of the apostles.

National Sunday Day Activities

  1. Go on an adventure with a Sunday

    Take a chance and go on an adventure with a friend or family member named Sunday. Get in the car and go to a nearby beach town for the day, or head into the city for the day.

  2. Thank a Sunday

    Do you know someone named Sunday? Thank them for the special place they hold in your life today.

  3. Send someone flowers

    Send your friends named Sunday some flowers in your name. Flowers are the ideal gift, especially when they come as a surprise. Purchase these for yourself or a loved one.

5 Fun Facts About The Name Sunday

  1. 700,000 Nigerians bear Sunday

    In Nigeria, the name Sunday is the most common, with over 700,000 people carrying the name.

  2. The name in the U.S.

    In the United States, Sunday is the 5024th most frequent given name.

  3. Sunday variants

    Its Spanish variant, Domingo, is a common surname in Spain and its colonies, but it is also used as a first name for males.

  4. 756th most popular surname

    Sunday is the 756th most popular surname worldwide.

  5. Sunday as a first name

    Sunday as a first name is used 38% of the time.

Why We Love National Sunday Day

  1. It honors our loved ones

    Names are a means for us to remember and honor those we love. We are sometimes given names after loved ones who have died. As a result, it's crucial to cherish and appreciate our names.

  2. Your name is your identity

    Your identity is defined by your name. It's what people call you, how you react to them, and what you know about yourself. You can choose to be defined by your name, or you can carve your own path and redefine what your name typically represents.

  3. Names have a backstory

    Names can help us comprehend our origins, as well as our life's destiny and mission. Some cultures think that a person's name and destiny are linked.

National Sunday Day dates

2024October 18Friday
2025October 18Saturday
2026October 18Sunday
2027October 18Monday
2028October 18Wednesday

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