National Fetch Day – October 17, 2020

Sat Oct 17

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Ready to run wild at the best dog parties of the year? Clear you calendar for National Fetch Day — the ideal time to celebrate all the fun of playing Fetch with your dog! This year Petmate’s once again sponsoring National Fetch Day parties at more than two dozen locations around the country — from San Diego to Boston — and all points in between. This amazing nationwide event takes place each year on the third Saturday in October. This year it’s October 17. 
What does a National Fetch Day party look like? Well, start with lots of running and chasing, add a mixture of playing and barking, and you’ll get the picture. Basically it’s a doggie dream come true. And you get a chance to exercise and make new friends too!
As far as the list of dog games go, they don’t get much easier (or more fun) than “Fetch.” And Petmate, the brand behind hundreds of pet toys and supplies for dogs, cats, birds, and more, has the perfect National Fetch Day accessory: the wildly popular Chuckit! Launcher. Let’s be honest — we’re not all professional baseball players. Fortunately, Chuckit!, marking its 21st anniversary this month, enables us to throw balls two or three times farther with ease.
Everyone wins. Our dogs get extra exercise and we can play for as long as they want.

“This special day is a celebration of the human-animal bond, an opportunity to bring awareness to the importance of exercise for our pets, and how the game of fetch offers both,” says Petmate Executive Vice President Chris Wilson. “It’s the day to get outside and ‘Make Fetch Happen.'”

The Chuckit! Launcher, featuring an ergonomic handle for ultimate comfort and control, also provides a convenient hands-free pickup — meaning you no longer have to bend over to retrieve those slobbery tennis balls. Read on to discover more about Petmate dog toys and how you can take part in National Fetch Day! And remember to use the hashtags #MakeFetchHappen and #NationalFetchDay to let everyone know.

When is National Fetch Day 2020?

National Fetch Day falls on October 19 — the third Saturday in October.

National Fetch Day timeline


The beginning

Petmate, known back then as Doskocil Manufacturing, goes into business after creating the very first dog kennel. The company still remains passionate about providing fun, trusted quality products worldwide to enhance the lives of pets and their families.


Chuckit! available for the first time

The idea was simple: Make it easier to throw balls a lot farther. The Chuckit! Classic Launcher is a terrific way to exercise your dog without wearing yourself out.

October 20, 2018

It's officially National Fetch Day

An interactive game of Fetch can encourage healthy movement and cardiovascular endurance for pets and pet owners, especially as active play decreases during the colder months.


Chuckit! RingChaser

The new UltraRing is the ultimate chase and fetch toy. It's designed with topspin action to engage your dog's natural chase instincts. That's because the UltraRing bounces erratically and hops wildly on the ground to make things a bit more challenging — and fun.

National Fetch Day Activities

  1. Find a local event

    Check out Petmate’s list of participating National Fetch Day party times and locations around the country. Make sure to pick up some free swag while you're there —and let's all "Make Fetch Happen" during 2020's top dog parties! Who knows? You might meet some pretty adorable dogs (and their attractive owners) along the way.

  2. Post the pics on social media

    Use the hashtags #MakeFetchHappen and #NationalFetchDay to let everyone know about the year's hottest dog holiday parties!

  3. Use training techniques

    National Fetch Day's a perfect time to bond with your dog. Use phrases like “go fetch” to add verbal cues to your ChuckIt! play session. Then of course, reinforce their good behavior with treats.

5 Fun Facts To Share At The Dog Park

  1. Found!

    Rescuers in the Bahamas discovered a dog who survived 20 days in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. He spent three weeks trapped under an air conditioner in the town of Marsh Harbour, on the Abaco Islands. His new name? Miracle.

  2. Red, white and barking!

    Americans loves dogs — and we own more than 75 million of them! France ranks #2 for most dog owners.

  3. Dogs actually get jealous

    Research shows your dog can feel jealous when they see you interacting with another animal. Spend some quality time with them this National Fetch Day!

  4. Doggie inheritance?

    The number of dogs named as the primary beneficiary in their owners’ wills hovers around one million!

  5. The saluki is the world’s oldest dog

    This breed turned up in Egyptian tombs from as early as 2100 BC. They were originally trained to help owners catch wild game.

Why We Love National Fetch Day

  1. Health benefits for our dogs

    Here's celebrity vet Dr. Jeff Werber on the benefits of playing Fetch: "Just like humans, there is a strong correlation to obesity in pets when they eat more and exercise less. An estimated 50 percent of dogs and cats in this country are overweight or, worse yet, obese. It's important to get your pet up and moving. Fetch play is a terrific way to increase stamina and keep your pup in shape."

  2. Health benefits for us

    Don't even think about scrolling through your phone during your dog's playtime. We expect you to get some exercise too! If not, at least make some new (human) friends at the dog park. Everyone (not just dogs) gets to socialize on National Fetch Day.

  3. Other dogs benefit too

    Petmate regularly donates a variety of Chuckit! and other assorted toys to dozens of local rescue organizations, helping dogs find their forever home.