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Ride To Work Day – October 18, 2024

Ride To Work Day is celebrated on October 18 every year to encourage biking — as the majority of Australians do not get enough physical activity to keep their health in good shape. Cities are jammed with traffic congestion. This hurts the environment and costs society billions of dollars in lost productivity each year. This day was intended to encourage people to get out of their cars and ride bicycles. Cycling to work is one of the most convenient and time-saving modes of transportation. By riding a bike instead of driving, taking the train, or taking the bus, you can get your daily workout without having to travel to the gym.

History of Ride To Work Day

Senator Janet Rice — who worked for “Bicycle Victoria” (later known as the “Bicycle Network”) — organized a small event in Melbourne in 1993 to encourage more people to ride bicycles. Only 615 people rode bikes in their first event. It now attracts tens of thousands of first-time and returning riders each year. Every capital city in Australia provides a free bicycle breakfast for anyone who chooses to join. To keep riders energized throughout the day, they normally give free cooked breakfast, coffee, and bananas. Some places even had D.Js perform during their breakfasts to maintain the easygoing feeling of going all morning.

The annual event began as a method to encourage more cyclists to ride more frequently, and the benefits and reasons why cycling is so important naturally flowed from there. The ultimate goal is for Australia to be healthier. This day is intended to raise awareness about the advantages of biking to work and biking in general. By cycling, you can help save lives and reduce carbon emissions. It gives you a decent workout while also lessening your depression and saving you money on petrol and time spent stuck in traffic. Bicycling can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your cardiovascular health. This day encourages people to ride their bikes every day, whether to work or for fun. The benefits of riding to work are limitless.

Ride To Work Day timeline

The Ariel Model Bicycle

The first ‘Ariel Model’ bicycles arrive in Australia.

The Melbourne Bicycle Club

The Melbourne Bicycle Club is founded as a result of the ‘Ariel Model’ Bicycles.

Safety Bicycle

Sporting bicycles gain popularity quickly, particularly following the advent of the 'safety bicycle,' which is essentially the same bike we know today.

The Idea

As part of a campaign to encourage more people to ride bicycles more frequently, Senator Janet Rice plans a small event in Melbourne.

Inaugural Event

The first event, coordinated by the Bicycle Network and held in Melbourne, attracts 615 cyclists in its inaugural year.

Ride To Work Day FAQs

What is the maximum distance that the average person can travel on a bicycle?

With a few exceptions, the average person can bike between 56 and 60 miles (90 and 96 kilometers) in one day but this is a conservative estimate. Early in the morning, take the train with your bike and get off near work. Maybe drive halfway and ride back as well.

What kind of equipment do I require?

You’ll need a bike (new or used), a helmet, and a solid lock for this adventure. You’ll also need front and backlights, as well as a rear red reflector, to ensure that you’re seen in low-light situations. A properly fitted bike is a joy to ride, so make sure the bike’s size and seat height are correct. Brakes, tires, and chains that are in good working order save time and money. Consult with your local bike store for assistance and, if necessary, bicycle servicing. It should be noted that bicycles must be equipped with at least one functioning brake and a functional bell.

What is the best way to transport my belongings?

If you want to travel light, a backpack, courier-style bag, or bike basket are good options. To carry greater items, panniers — bags that may be attached to a rack — are ideal. Bike trailers or cargo bikes can be used to transport children to and from school or to transport heavy work supplies.

Ride To Work Day Activities

  1. Ride with others

    A great idea is to get together with friends or coworkers who live in the same area and go for a ride together. It will be more enjoyable that way, and you will not be doing it alone.

  2. Find a bike

    It is not necessary to have the most up-to-date and most impressive bike. You may be able to locate one in a family member's or friend's shed or garage. When all else fails, you can always try secondhand or contact your neighborhood bike shop for a recommendation for a short, simple ride.

  3. Commute to work

    As the warm weather arrives, there is no more ideal time to take advantage of the opportunity to commute more energetically to work. Not only will you conserve time and money, but you will also be happier and healthier as a result of it.

5 Interesting Facts ABout Riding A Bike

  1. Improves mental and physical well being

    Riding your bike to work can assist in maintaining or improving your mental and physical well-being.

  2. Reduces carbon dioxide emissions

    The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is another benefit of cycling to work and helping the environment.

  3. Help reduce fuel expenses

    The use of bicycles to commute to work can assist reduce gas expenses.

  4. Helps in weight loss

    Cycling for at least 30 minutes can burn anywhere from 200 to 500 calories — depending on the individual and the distance traveled.

  5. Several benefits

    In terms of being a more cost-effective, healthful, and ecologically friendly mode of transportation, cycling has all these benefits and more.

Why We Love Ride To Work Day

  1. Quickest and easiest travel options

    Riding a bicycle to work is one of the most convenient and time-efficient methods to get to work. By substituting a bicycle for a car, train, or bus, you can obtain the needed daily exercise without having to spend additional time or money at the gym.

  2. Limit the effects of climate change

    Riding a bike can help to reduce global warming. Every kilometer you ride a bicycle instead of driving a car saves around 240 grams of CO2 — assisting in the prevention of global warming and saving our future for generations to come.

  3. Raises productivity

    As a result of enhanced fitness and mental health, businesses that encourage employees to cycle to work see an increase in overall productivity. This is great for businesses and employees as they can invest more time in other activities.

Ride To Work Day dates

2024October 18Friday
2025October 18Saturday
2026October 18Sunday
2027October 18Monday
2028October 18Wednesday

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