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TueJun 18

International Panic Day – June 18, 2024

International Panic Day, celebrated on June 18, is a day when people are required to panic. Basically, the day is a mock holiday aimed at spreading awareness for mental health issues. No matter how calm you are as an individual, International Panic Day is the day to let out your fears and panic about your worries. Why? International Panic Day rather asks, why not?

History of International Panic Day

In prehistoric times, men used panic as a technique to hunt animals. Herds of animals would react in panic to unexpected loud sounds or visual effects, which would direct them towards cliffs and cause them to jump to their deaths after finding themselves cornered.

International Panic Day began as a kind of mock holiday with the intention of having a day when people could shake off their various reasons to panic. It is a day to sit back, calm down, and let the panic and stress flow through you.

While it may sound funny, panic is a serious topic. Panic disorder is a mental health issue that affects 2% of the population in some countries. Apparently, women are more likely to suffer from panic than men. The condition is treatable, more so when the person is aware of various healthcare tactics and lives a healthy lifestyle.

International Panic Day is seen in many countries as a day to raise and spread awareness about the issue of mental illness. Today, more than ever, people are undergoing a lot of mental stress and the day is aimed to encourage people to slow down, relax, and reach out for help without any hesitation. There is nothing to be shy of and only by talking about our problems can we get rid of them. Panic management has important practical usages in the emergency services and the armed forces of the world.
International Panic Day is the perfect excuse to panic about everything there is to panic about and, in the process, reevaluate our priorities. Eliminate all the things that cause you stress and anxiety.

International Panic Day timeline

17th century
The Anatomy of Melancholy

Robert Burton describes panic in his book, “The Anatomy of Melancholy.”

The First Panic

The first anxiety attacks, in the history of psychological medicine, are reported by Ottomar Domrich.

Freud on Panic

Freud writes a paper on the concept of anxiety neurosis from a psychoanalytic point of view.

Panic Established

The concept of panic disorder is established by the development of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)-III criteria.

International Panic Day FAQs

What is National Panic Day?

It is more of a mock holiday to spread the word about panic. The day stresses the importance of taking time off to relax and take the stress off our minds.


Why am I suddenly having panic attacks?

A panic attack is a rush of mental and physical symptoms that can come without any warning and very quickly, too. Anti-anxiety medication is suggested for such situations.


What does a panic attack feel like?

Doctors diagnosing a panic attack usually look for four of the following signs: trembling, sweating, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, a choking sensation, dizziness, numbness, and heart palpitations.

How to Observe International Panic Day

  1. Practice breathing techniques

    Breathing techniques help decrease panic. Whether it’s just a few slow breathing exercises or an hour-long meditation that focuses on breathing, both can have a strong positive impact on mental health.

  2. Take some time off to relax

    Taking a day off is underrated. Take time off work to relax. Go to your favorite coffee shop, spend the day reading your favorite book, spend time with friends, and more.

  3. Get help from a professional

    If you are struggling with panic and stress, reach out to a professional. If a counselor is too expensive for you, talk to a friend you trust or a family member and listen to their advice.

5 Facts About Panic That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. ‘Panic’ from Greek

    The word ‘panic’ comes from the Greek word associated with the Greek shepherd god, Pan, who, according to Greek myth, enjoyed causing fear among people traveling in the forest.

  2. Panic can be good

    Panic is the body’s response to threat as the release of stress hormones increases the heartbeat and flow of oxygen to the brain, which can help a person to respond appropriately to a threat.

  3. Panic! At The Disco

    Panic! At The Disco is a world-famous rock band created in 2004 led by American musician Brendon Urie.

  4. Panic people

    According to the American Psychological Association, 1 out of 75 people have a panic disorder.

  5. Time of panic

    Panic attacks usually last from five to 20 minutes but their symptoms can remain for up to an hour.

Why International Panic Day Is Significant

  1. Stresses the importance of panic

    As strange as it sounds, panic is a way to release stress. In other words, by expressing panic, you can feel more relieved.

  2. It spreads awareness about stress

    Stress is one of the most common mental issues of today. This day is a great way to spread the word about stress and emphasize the importance of talking about it.

  3. It makes people feel better

    Talking about panic makes it a normal thing. This makes people who undergo panic attacks feel free to talk about it and not like they have to hide it.

International Panic Day dates

2024June 18Tuesday
2025June 18Wednesday
2026June 18Thursday
2027June 18Friday
2028June 18Sunday

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