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US Open Golf Championship – June 12-15, 2025

Each year, the U.S. Open Golf Championship is set up to coincide with the end of Father’s Day Weekend, and this year it will be marked from June 12 to 15. It is also known as the ‘U.S. Open.’ This event is for all golf fans and sports enthusiasts to come and celebrate their favorite team. Organized by the United States Golf Association (USGA), the U.S. Open is the third and largest of the four major championships. This year marks the 122nd annual event and will be broadcasted on NBC and the Golf Channel. Find out the fun and exciting ways to celebrate this day.

History of US Open Golf Championship

The first U.S. Golf Championship was held on October 4, 1895. It was hosted by the Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island. Back then, it was only a 36-hole competition. It was played on a 9-hole course and lasted for one day. 21-year-old Englishman Horace Rawlins bested 10 others, winning the first U.S. Open in history. His prizes included $150, a $50 medal, and an Open Championship Cup trophy presented by the U.S. Golf Association.

During its first 16 years, the U.S. Open was won by British players. Some would win multiple times — Scotland’s Willie Anderson and Alex Smith won four and five times respectively. The British streak would stop in 1911 when John J. McDermott became the first American to win. After this pivotal moment, Americans would dominate the competition, winning back to back until 1919. At this time, the U.S. Open has evolved into one of the four major golf championships.

American players have dominated the U.S. Open. Since 1950, only six other foreign players have won the title. South Africa has won the title 5 times since 1965. However, a streak of non-American winners began in 2004 — a first since 1910. These winning players include Retief Goosen (South Africa), Michael Campbell (New Zealand), Geoff Ogilvy (Australia), and Angel Cabrera (Argentina). In 2010, Graeme McDowell (Northern Ireland) became the first European winner since England’s Tony Jacklin in 1970. This opened the window as three more Europeans won back to back until 2014. The current championship title is held by Spain’s John Rahm who won $2,250,000 in 2021.

US Open Golf Championship timeline

October 4, 1895
The First U.S. Open

The first U.S. Open Golf Championship takes place in Newport, Rhode Island.

The First American Winner

John J. McDermott becomes the first American to take home the championship title.

The First South African Winner

Gary Player becomes the first South African player to win the competition.

The Hotly Contested Win

At a sweltering Open, Ernie Els wins the Open on the second sudden-death hole.

The First European Winner since 1970

Graeme McDowell becomes the first European winner since Tony Jacklin (England) in 1970.

Tiger Takes The Title

Tiger Woods wins the Open title.

US Open Golf Championship FAQs

Can an amateur join the U.S. Open?

Yes, but amateur players need to get their handicap down to 1.4.

How much is the U.S. Golf Open ticket price?

Ticket prices for the U.S. Golf Open range from $58 to $44,358.

Who owns the U.S. Open Golf?

Since 1895, this championship is played under the supervision of the United States Golf Association (USGA).

US Open Golf Championship Activities

  1. Host a U.S. Open viewing party

    You may not be in Brookline, Massachusetts, but you still can watch the Open at home. Organize a viewing party with your friends and family in the comfort of your entertainment room.

  2. Take golf lessons

    It’s never too late to take golf lessons. It’s a good sport that offers great exercise. Take this time of the year to hit that golf course and learn from the experts.

  3. Hit the country club

    If you have the time on your hands, in-person attendance at the event is still the best experience. Book early to ensure you do not miss out on the tickets.

5 Facts About The US Open Golf Championship

  1. Only four players won four times

    In the history of the U.S. Open, only four players won four times: Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus.

  2. The largest winning margin

    The record for the largest winning margin is held by Tiger Woods in 2000 at 15 strokes.

  3. The oldest winner

    At 45 years old, the oldest champion is Hale Irwin, who won in 1990.

  4. The youngest winner

    At 19, the youngest champion is John J. McDermott who won in 1911.

  5. The oldest player to join

    At 61 years old, the oldest player to make the cut was Sam Snead in 1973.

Why We Love US Open Golf Championship

  1. It’s a fun sport

    Golf is competitive but laid back. Watching it is exciting yet stress-free, and it’s one of those sports that pumps adrenaline at a relaxing pace.

  2. It has a long history

    The U.S. Open is one of the oldest tournaments in the world. Celebrating it annually is a great way to uphold its tradition and to pass the sport to the next generations to come.

  3. It’s a great bonding experience

    Most families treat the U.S. Open viewing as an annual tradition in their households. It’s a great way to bond with your family. Cozy up in your entertainment area over a bowl of popcorn and a round of drinks for the adults.

US Open Golf Championship dates

2022June 16Thursday
2023June 15Thursday
2024June 13Thursday
2025June 12Thursday
2026June 18Thursday

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