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WedJun 18

National Panic Day – June 18, 2025

National Panic Day is observed on June 18. It is a day dedicated to supporting our mental health and wellbeing. Modern medicine and the rising standards of living have helped us achieve a safer, more healthy environment. However, it also brings new struggles that we have to deal with daily. We experience various factors that are causing a decline in mental health and wellbeing. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, peer pressure, and many others are rising causes of concern.

History of National Panic Day

Fear is an emotion biologically coded inside most living beings. It is a trait that helps each species survive the vagaries of everyday life. In a way, it forced us to run away or hide from the prehistoric beasts that hunted us, natural events that harmed us, or even other humans who were looking to kill us. There will always be genuine reasons to panic, even in the safest surroundings.

But for us, panic is beyond physical harm. As the intelligence of the general population increases, so does the risk of mental conditions that can be painful or difficult to handle. Our social system rewards skilled, hard-working, and lucky people. Because every realistic society will have some successful and unsuccessful people, there will always be those dissatisfied, heartbroken, panicked, under pressure, depressed, or mentally ill. As long as the social norms exist, there will always be individuals that are affected by these pre-set social norms.

National Panic Day is a day dedicated to helping people with panic disorders. We should encourage people fighting a battle inside their minds to take it easy, ease their troubling thoughts, and make them comfortable. It is also a day to reflect on our conditions and to help ourselves evaluate a better course of action. There will always be reasons to make us feel inferior, but on this day, we should promise ourselves that we will not purposefully make anyone or ourselves feel low.

National Panic Day timeline

Anxiety Neurosis

Sigmund Freud describes anxiety neurosis.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

Klaus Schmiegel publishes the first report on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

First Appearance of Panic Disorder

The D.S.M. of Mental Disorders recognizes panic disorders as a diagnosis.

Introduction of Prozac

A safer and more effective antidepressant is introduced by Eli Lilly and Company.

National Panic Day FAQs

Is panic an emotion?

Panic is a normal human emotion. It forces us to make split-second decisions and affects our mental health.

What is panic named after?

A popular saying is that the word ‘panic’ comes from the name of the Greek god Pan, who often causes humans to flee in unreasoning fear.

Does panic cause death?

A panic attack does not cause death, however, it makes you feel like you are about to die with mental overload and pain.

How to Observe National Panic Day

  1. Take a day off

    Take a day off from the stress and pressure of everyday life. Give yourself a rest and make the day all about self-care and self-love.

  2. Treat yourself to a spa

    Spas are good for relaxing. Visit a spa and spend the day getting pampered and relaxing.

  3. Find support groups

    If you think you need help, find a support group. They can help you realize your worth and assist you in your fight.

5 Facts About Panic Attacks That You May Not Know

  1. The sudden intense fear

    A panic attack is an intense fear that triggers reactions when there’s no real danger.

  2. Panic v.s. anxiety

    Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are often misunderstood as the same thing.

  3. Panic disorders

    Recurrent episodes of breathlessness and fear are symptomatic of panic disorders.

  4. Causes of panic attack

    Genetics, stress, changes in the brain, and sensitivity lead to panic attacks.

  5. Panicky sleep

    Panic attacks can happen even while sleeping.

Why National Panic Day is Important

  1. It’s a quiet day to reflect on oneself

    This is a day to reflect on ourselves. This forces us to look deep inside ourselves and helps us understand our needs better.

  2. People can help each other

    This day brings people closer. People will try to understand what the person is going through, and this can positively impact the relationship.

  3. It spreads awareness about mental wellbeing

    There will be a lot of information about mental health. This can educate people and create a better place for everyone.

National Panic Day dates

2025June 18Wednesday
2026June 18Thursday
2027June 18Friday
2028June 18Sunday
2029June 18Monday

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