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TueJun 18

Clean Your Aquarium Day – June 18, 2024

Clean Your Aquarium Day is celebrated every year on June 18. It promotes the joy of keeping aquatic life and encourages regular aquarium cleanings.

The holiday also spreads awareness about the hazards of not conducting regular aquarium cleanings, such as low oxygen levels in the water and poor fish respiration.

History of Clean Your Aquarium Day

The Sumerians were the earliest documented aquarists and were known to keep fish in artificial ponds 4,500 years ago. However, it wasn’t until 1,000 B.C. that people in China started breeding and raising carp in large ponds for food. Later, in Japan, selective breeding of ornamental goldfish took place, and the breeding of ornamental carp was also perfected there. Similarly, the ancient Romans kept fish for food and entertainment; they also constructed ponds that contained fresh seawater from the ocean.

In the mid-1700s, people in England kept goldfishes in glass vessels. Still, the practice of keeping aquariums did not become popular until people became aware of the relationship between oxygen, plants, and animals.

Before the 19th century, the word ‘aquarium’ was used in botany to describe a container used to grow aquatic plants. The first display aquarium opened to the public in 1853 at Regent’s Park in London, followed by aquariums in Berlin, Naples, and Paris. Later, P.T. Barnum, a circus entrepreneur, opened the first display aquarium at the American Museum in New York City, and by 1928, the world had 45 public or commercial aquariums. Similarly, the first oceanarium opened in 1938 in Marineland, featuring a community fish tank and trained dolphins.

Clean Your Aquarium Day timeline

2,500 B.C.
The Earliest Documented Aquarists

The Sumerians begin keeping fish in artificial ponds.

1,000 B.C.
People in China Raise Carp

The Chinese begin raising carp for food in pools.

The First Public Aquarium Opens

The public views the first aquarium at Regent’s Park in London.

The First Oceanarium

The first oceanarium opens in Marineland.

Clean Your Aquarium Day FAQs

Should fish tanks be cleaned every day?

Large fish tanks should be cleaned weekly or bi-weekly.

How often should aquarium filters be cleaned?

Aquarium filters should be cleaned once every four weeks.

How do I clean fish poop in a tank?

Vacuuming the gravel every week will keep the tank clean.

Clean Your Aquarium Day Activities

  1. Visit an aquarium

    Visit an aquarium and see fishes in their glory. You could look at tetras, barbs, and even the beloved goldfish.

  2. Buy a pet fish

    Celebrate this day by getting a pet fish. You could get a swordtail, discus, angelfish, or catfish!

  3. Clean your aquarium

    If you’ve been swamped with work and haven’t been able to give your aquarium some scrubbing love, now is the time! Grab some gloves, clean microfiber towels, a gravel siphon, and other essential equipment before going to town.

5 Interesting Facts About Animals Living In Aquariums

  1. Animals in aquariums eat better than humans

    Animals like seals and sharks eat healthier than humans as their meals are routinely checked for bacteria in aquariums.

  2. Deep sea creatures can be kept

    Some aquariums can house large sea creatures like whales and sharks.

  3. Sharks are less aggressive

    In aquariums, sharks swim with different fishes and don’t attack them.

  4. Fishes also have autopsies

    An autopsy is performed on a dead fish to find out the reasons for its death.

  5. Marine animals are bred in captivity

    Marine animals, like killer whales, are bred in captivity.

Why We Love Clean Your Aquarium Day

  1. It is a day for fishes

    Clean Your Aquarium Day celebrates aquatic lives. It recognizes their uniqueness and the joy they bring.

  2. It keeps aquatic life healthy

    The holiday strives to keep aquatic life healthy. It aims to develop a better habitat for marine animals.

  3. It creates awareness about fish habitats

    Fishes live in specific habitats; however, most people don’t know about them. Clean Your Aquarium Day creates awareness about these habitats.

Clean Your Aquarium Day dates

2024June 18Tuesday
2025June 18Wednesday
2026June 18Thursday
2027June 18Friday
2028June 18Sunday

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