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National Cherry Tart Day
TueJun 18

National Cherry Tart Day – June 18, 2024

Are you ready to celebrate National Cherry Tart Day on June 18 by devouring some of the best cherry tarts in your town? Yes, now is the time to paint the town red — we mean cherry red. Dedicate a few minutes of the day to pay a tribute to the lip-smacking cherry tart dessert. Originating from a tart that, once upon a time, had a meat filling, cherry tarts are the favorite of all those who prefer fruit tarts over plain custard tarts. So grab your dessert forks and get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth.

History of National Cherry Tart Day

The origins of National Cherry Tart day are linked to the annual National Cherry Festival held in Michigan every year — the state that grows 75% of the U.S. cherry crop. The day was formulated and celebrated because cherries are delicious fruits that have a very short growth period. Hence, it’s not a surprise the fruit has become a seasonal hit in several regions of the country.

Cherries did not exist in the U.S. until they were brought to the land of hope by early French settlers in the 1600s who grew cherry trees in their gardens. Things evolved in 1852 when a missionary named Peter Dougherty planted cherry trees in Old Mission Peninsula. At that point in time, the trees bearing fruit was a far-fetched idea. But to everyone’s surprise, the cherry crop flourished. Seeing this, the neighbors in the area began planting cherry trees, too. This furthermore, led to the beginning of modern-day cherry production and, in 1893, the first cherry orchards were planted in Michigan.

Soon the cherry business blossomed and the industry reached great heights in the 1900s. Today, over 650 million pounds of cherries are produced in the United States, most of which are used to make scrumptious desserts.

National Cherry Tart Day timeline


A gingerbread recipe similar to the modern-day tart is mentioned in the book “English Food.”

The Start

The shortcrust that is the base of all tarts is invented.

The Art of Tart

The tart is invented by two unmarried French sisters.

Tarts for All

The treacle tart recipe is created.

National Cherry Tart Day FAQs

What are the different types of tart?

There are numerous flavors of tarts including chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, cherry, apple, and several others.

Is tart a dessert?

Yes. Tarts are savory and sweet desserts that are baked to satisfy a sweet tooth. 

What does ‘tart’ mean?

A tart is basically a dessert in the form of a pie that is topped with fruit, custard, chocolate, or other sweet ingredients. 

How to Celebrate National Cherry Tart Day

  1. Eat the best cherry tart in town

    Grab your friends and head out to an eatery that offers the best cherry tarts in town! There might be several places that offer good tarts but the challenge is to narrow it down to visiting at least one place every year.

  2. Have a baking competition

    Host a cherry tart baking competition to pay a tribute to the art of cooking cherry tarts. Most importantly, you will get to try different recipes of tarts.

  3. Have an all-you-can-eat contest

    Host a fun and messy all-you-can-eat cherry tart contest. The people present at the event can upload pictures with the hashtag for the day.

5 Fun Facts You Need To Know About Tarts

  1. The largest tart in the world

    The largest tart in the world weighed 4,800 lbs.

  2. The most expensive Christmas tart

    The Rudolph the Ruby Nosed Reindeer Tart costs $615.

  3. Tart types

    The French word ‘tarte’ is used to describe a tart as well as a pie.

  4. A different tart

    Tarte Tatin is an upside-down tart.

  5. Meaty tarts

    Medieval tarts had meat fillings.

Why National Cherry Tart Day is Important

  1. It’s a look into the history of tarts

    National Cherry Tart Day provides a look into the history of tarts, when the dessert was created, and how the recipe has evolved over time.

  2. It provides educational information

    The day serves as a good opportunity to provide information about the cherries that grow in the U.S. and how critical it is to maintain them.

  3. It motivates people to bake

    With so much talk about cherry tarts on this day, it is not a surprise that many Americans get inspired to create their own unique version of the tart.

National Cherry Tart Day dates

2024June 18Tuesday
2025June 18Wednesday
2026June 18Thursday
2027June 18Friday
2028June 18Sunday

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