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Fight Procrastination Day
FriSep 6

Fight Procrastination Day – September 6, 2024

September 6 is Fight Procrastination Day. It is an opportunity for you to face your procrastination issues head-on. We have all been victims of that powerful urge to push an important task to a further date. Sometimes, procrastination could be a result of the daunting nature of the task or simply because you’re not feeling up to it. No matter the reason, procrastination can be a major spanner in the works; straining mental and physical health. This observance aims at promoting efforts geared towards combating procrastination in all its forms.

History of Fight Procrastination Day

Hesiod, a Greek poet, was among the first to speak against procrastination. In the poem titled “Works and Days,” Hesiod speaks to his brother, who has mismanaged his inheritance, asking him not to abandon his duties.

Although the origins of the holiday are unknown, the message is similar to Hesiod’s. We need to take a definitive step to address the issue of postponing tasks. While there are hundreds of ways to fight procrastination, it is a resilient adversary and never knows when it’s beaten. It can come disguised in different forms, but the result is always the same: delay.

Through the ages, people have tried creative approaches to fight procrastination to varying degrees of success. The winning formula seems to vary from person to person; you need to figure out what works for you. Take famous artist, Victor Hugo, who resorted to working naked in his room to focus on his work.

Hugo decided that the best way to cut out outside distraction was to have no choice but to remain indoors. With his clothes held by an assistant and only returned at a later time, he had little choice but to work. James Riley is another who resorted to such extreme measures to address procrastination issues.

In modern times, we have programs and applications that can help plan your schedule effectively. Several applications can even work as a filter according to prearranged settings to help control distractions.

Fight Procrastination Day reminds us that we’re not in this fight alone; millions are struggling with the same issues. It is, however, up to you to put in the required effort to shake this habit.

Fight Procrastination Day timeline

700 B.C.
Oldest Proclamation Against Procrastination

Greek Poet Hesiod speaks openly against procrastination in his poem “Works and Days.”

Samuel Johnson Writes About Procrastination

Samuel Johnson describes procrastination as a prevalent general weakness that persists despite the efforts of reason.

The First Analysis on Procrastination

Milgram writes the earliest historical analysis on procrastination.

Van Eerde’s Analysis

van Eerde conducts a meta-analysis focusing on the five-factor model of personality traits influencing procrastination.

Fight Procrastination Day FAQs

Can procrastinators change?

Procrastinators can change, but it does require a lot of effort. Some even try cognitive behavioral therapy to combat their issues. 

Does procrastination have any benefits?

Procrastination isn’t all bad after all. It can improve creativity as you dwell on a task; your subconscious is put to work figuring out innovative and unique ways to get it done. 

How can you overcome procrastination?

Results can differ from person to person, but useful steps in overcoming procrastination could include: 

  1. Apply anti-procrastination strategies.
  2. Commit to tasks.
  3. Reward yourself.
  4. Ask someone to keep you accountable.
  5. Avoid distractions.

How to Celebrate Fight Procrastination Day

  1. Cross items off your to-do list

    Getting things done is arguably the best way to celebrate Fight Procrastination Day. Start crossing items off your to-do list today!

  2. Research ways to fight procrastination

    There are tons of books, theories, ideas, techniques, and applications out there to help fight procrastination. Why not look them up and try them out? You might learn a thing or two.

  3. Give yourself a reward

    Did you recently complete a difficult task? Then reward yourself; it will encourage you to do even more.

5 Facts About Procrastination That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Student syndrome

    Student syndrome is the term for students postponing a task until just before the deadline.

  2. Students procrastinate the most

    A study conducted in 1992 revealed that over 52% of student respondents had severe to moderate procrastination issues.

  3. Daily dosage

    One out of every five persons will actively procrastinate on a task.

  4. Is it in the blood?

    Procrastination may have a genetic component.

  5. Mental health on a knife's edge?

    Procrastination can result in mental health issues in more severe cases.

Why We Love Fight Procrastination Day

  1. We get to focus on our goals

    Nothing beats setting a goal and achieving it. Fight Procrastination Day reminds us that it is possible to overcome procrastination issues.

  2. It boosts productivity

    When you’re not busy saying things like “I’ll do that later,” “let’s leave it until tomorrow,” you’re actually very productive. Who knew?

  3. Fighting procrastination relieves anxiety

    Procrastination can lead to higher stress levels. This could be a result of a sense of guilt or shame of facing social disapproval for avoiding commitments and responsibilities.

Fight Procrastination Day dates

2024September 6Friday
2025September 6Saturday
2026September 6Sunday
2027September 6Monday
2028September 6Wednesday

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