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SatSep 7

World Beard Day – September 7, 2024

We celebrate the ultimate symbol of ruggedness on World Beard Day on the first Saturday in September. Times are changing, but the beard has been more than just a fashion statement — it has been considered a sign of manliness since prehistoric times. The beard represents virtues such as strength, wisdom, and even social status in some cultures. There is something about a beard that demands admiration and respect thus, deserves a day of celebration.

History of World Beard Day

Before shaving creams and razors were invented cave dwellers wore beards. Even though it is believed that they used clamshells as a substitute for razors, these early humans are usually depicted sporting wild and bushy beards. Sometime around 4000 B.C., shaving caught on, and beards started being trimmed or chopped off.

An early prototype of shaving cream was prepared by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. From going to war to exerting dominance, the beard has held its prestige throughout history. Today, beards are not customary, except in the Arab world, where they are seen as a necessity. Beard trends over the years include looks such as the lumberjack, the biker, and classic.

We don’t know the origin of World Beard Day, but some historians state that a day to honor beards was celebrated by the Danish Vikings as far back as 800 A.D.
Of course, we doubt there was a fantastic source like National Today to ensure that beards are celebrated every year on a specific date, and multiple celebrations are held in different regions.
Sir Anthony van Dyke, a Flemish artist, painted portraits of aristocrats with pointed beards and mustaches in the 1600s. This style was called the Van Dyke. Wax, or pomade, was used to shape the beard and then groomed with combs or brushes. The men from this era took their beards very seriously, ensuring that their shape remained intact while they slept.

World Beard Day timeline

800 B.C.
Pride of the Greeks

The Ancient Greeks are proud of their beards, which are seen as a status symbol.

345 B.C.
Battle Ready

Alexander the Great clean shaves before battle, and encourages his soldiers to do the same to avoid enemies pulling on their beards.

50 B.C.

Julius Caesar plucks his beard and advises his men to follow suit.

Beard to be Feared

In an episode of “Dexter’s Laboratory,” Dexter grows a beard to overcome his cowardice.

World Beard Day FAQs

When is World Beard Day celebrated?

World Beard Day is celebrated internationally on the first Saturday in September.

When is National No Beard Day?

Fret not, clean-shaven people! National No Beard Day is observed on October 18.

Is the beard trend over?

Overall, the beard trend is still ongoing, with a focus on shorter sides and more concentrated on the lower area of the face.

World Beard Day Activities

  1. Grow it out

    If you have never grown your facial hair out, now is the time. It’s alright if you haven’t been successful before, look up tips online and find a shape that will suit you best.

  2. Gift a beard kit

    If you know someone who takes pride in their beard, give them a beard grooming kit. It's essential.

  3. Try a new style

    Tired of your regular-looking beard? Try a new style! Look up images on Pinterest or other forums, and amp up your beard at home or have it done by a professional.

5 Intriguing Facts About Beards

  1. Beards were prescribed

    Doctors in the Victorian era would prescribe beards to prevent illness.

  2. Beards and social status

    Research by Behavioral Ecology found that beards influence people’s perception of an individual’s social status.

  3. Beards as armor

    Depending on how a leader perceived things, beards were either seen as armor or liability before battles.

  4. Beards protect against jellyfish

    Swimmer Sean Conway kept a beard to prevent jellyfish from stinging his face.

  5. World’s longest beard

    The world record for the longest beard is held by a Norwegian-American man named Hans Langseth, whose beard is over 17 feet long.

Why We Love World Beard Day

  1. A celebration of beards

    We at National Today love to celebrate everything. And as there are days for curly-haired people, and those with freckles, etc., we are excited to celebrate beards.

  2. Evolution of man

    Beards have a lot of history to them. As part of the human anatomy, they have been shaped and styled differently throughout history and have countless stories to tell.

  3. The symbolism of beards

    Along with its great history, beards have been a reflection of societies and their perception of beauty. We love how beards were an indicator of a man’s virtues in history.

World Beard Day dates

2022September 3Saturday
2023September 2Saturday
2024September 7Saturday
2025September 6Saturday
2026September 5Saturday

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