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MonMay 5

Nail Day – May 5, 2025

We are celebrating Nail Day on May 5. It is a day to flirt with those beautiful nails with vibrant acrylic colors and precise shapes. Do you have long nails that need some color, or do you love to put on some fake nails flaunting the smoothest and catchiest colors? Then this is a day for celebration. Elegant Touch, a brand that develops fake nails, created this day to celebrate acrylic nails. But over time, it developed into a day to decorate the nails in the best way possible. This year, we are joining the fun and will help you learn more about the day and how to make the most of it.

History of Nail Day

Caring for nails is not something new. Ming Dynasty manuscripts have historical records about the use of nail polish during 3000 B.C. People from Babylon used to have manicures some 5,000 years ago. They used gold tools to do this. It was mostly something associated with the nobility. Nail colors were used to represent status in various civilizations all over the world. The people with the highest social status in Egypt painted their nails red to indicate the same. Even military commanders used nail polish to decorate their nails. Before nail polish, Indians used pigments from the henna plant to decorate their nails. Henna produces a brownish-red pigment that won’t fade for a few days.

The first nail polish in history came from China. They used a mix of beeswax, egg whites, gelatine, and dyes extracted from flower petals in 3000 B.C. Roses and orchids were popular choices for nail polish in China. These decorations also demonstrated a person’s wealth and social status. All over the world, red-colored nails were common among the rich in the old days.

Michelle Menard, a makeup artist in France, introduced glossy nail polish in the 1920s. Later, in 1932, Revlon launched the modern version of nail polish and made manicures accessible to the public. The fake nails were an accidental discovery. In 1954, Fred Slack, a dentist, created the first artificial nail that had a realistic look. He perfected the invention over time and patented a successful version. That was the start of a manicure revolution that is still going on by redefining styles.

Nail Day timeline

3200 B.C.
The First Manicure

People in Babylon are among the first to get manicures.

3000 B.C.
The First Form of Nail Polish

The Chinese use a form of nail polish from a combination of egg white, gelatin, beeswax, and flower petals.

1932 A.D.
The Modern Nail Polish

Revlon introduces the first nail polish.

The First Fake Nail

Fred Slack creates the first fake nails.

Nail Day FAQs

What are acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are artificial nails used for decoration and fashion. It can be of natural nail color or it can also come in vibrant colors.

How long do artificial nails last?

Acrylic nails can last up to three weeks.

What are fake nails called?

Fake nails are called many names like acrylic nails, false nails, fashion nails, nail extensions, and nail enhancements.

Nail Day Activities

  1. Buy some fake nails

    This Nail Day, we are buying some fake nails. It is a celebration of nails and we are going to buy the most vibrant ones available in the market.

  2. Paint them unique

    If you have long and elegant nails, then there is no need for fake nails. You can color them with bright shapes and shades.

  3. Organize a nail party

    Organize a nail party in your house. Call all your friends and ask them to come with the best nails. Give a gift for the most unique nails.

5 Facts About Nails That You Should Know

  1. Nail’s growth rate

    Nails can grow at a rate of 0.1 millimeters per day which equates to three to four millimeters per month.

  2. Nail biting

    Onychophagia is the term referring to the habit of biting nails.

  3. Made from Keratin

    Nails and hair are made from the same compound called Keratin.

  4. Stress and nails

    Stress can affect the rate at which nails grow.

  5. Summer nails

    Fingernails grow faster during summer.

Why We Love Nail Day

  1. We love nails

    We love nails and we are super excited that there is a day to celebrate beautiful nails. It is always a great sight to watch long nails adorned with bright colors.

  2. Health is also a factor

    Beautiful nails also mean healthy nails. If a person is having an issue with their nails, then there is a chance that they have an underlying health issue that needs to be checked. This is also a day to remind you to check your health.

  3. We love colors

    This is a day for beautiful nails. We love colors and we love it even more when colors decorate the nails.

Nail Day dates

2025May 5Monday
2026May 5Tuesday
2027May 5Wednesday
2028May 5Friday
2029May 5Saturday

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