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Poem on Your Pillow Day – May 7, 2024

Poem on Your Pillow Day is celebrated annually on the first Tuesday in May. It takes place on May 7 this year. The holiday was created by Tweetspeak — an online poetry organization — to promote poetry in quite a delightful way. Words are a beautiful way to articulate one’s feelings and emotions. This day is dedicated to rediscovering the charm of written words.

History of Poem on Your Pillow Day

Poem on Your Pillow Day was first celebrated in May 2015. The holiday gained a lot of social media attention when the hashtag #PoemOnYourPillowDay trended. People proceeded to leave poems, some along with a rose on the pillow of their child, guests, lovers, and even hotels were invited to participate. In the spirit of the holiday, everyone who finds such a surprise is to recite it in front of the person who gifted it. Everyone seemed to love the surprises and knew the holiday was here to stay.

Tweetspeak, which was originally just a bunch of pals who loved writing and sharing poetry on Twitter back in 2009, founded Poem on Your Pillow Day. They frequently threw parties in September, and their modest group quickly grew in size and fame. Tweetspeak was officially launched on October 3, 2009, and was acquired by T. S. Poetry Press — a significant publishing firm — in March 2012. Since then, they have launched and encouraged a plethora of poetry events.

Today, Tweetspeak Poetry and Meadowbrook Press are the sponsors of Poem on Your Pillow Day. Tweetspeak has proposed that people send images of their pillow poems with the hashtag #POPDay. Friends or lovers separated by distance can send each other a text message on the morning of Poem on Your Pillow Day. People can get creative and make personalized poetry for their loved ones, or they can download ones they like and put them on cute cards.

Poem on Your Pillow Day timeline

A Group of Friends Host Poetry Parties

A group of friends share poems on Twitter and host poetry parties in September.

Tweetspeak Begins

From sharing poetry on Twitter, a group of friends start a poetry organization known as Tweetspeak in October.

Tweetspeak Becomes Part of a Publishing House

Tweetspeak becomes part of T.S. Poetry Press.

Poem on Your Pillow Day is Established

Tweetspeak launches Poem on Your Pillow Day.

Poem on Your Pillow Day FAQs

What is a question poem?

A question poem is a series of questions arranged poetically.

Does poetry have to rhyme?

No, poems do not have to rhyme.

Who is the richest poet?

Arch Hades is the highest-paid poet of all time.

Poem on Your Pillow Day Activities

  1. Leave a secret poem for a loved one

    Celebrate Poem on Your Pillow Day by slipping a poem of your choice on the pillow of a friend, guest, child, or significant other as a surprise. It is part of the tradition that they read it aloud when they find it.

  2. Send poems to friends

    Sending poems to distant friends on the morning of Poem on Your Pillow Day is a good way to celebrate. You could download any poem you like and pin it down as a short text to a loved one.

  3. Share on social media

    On this holiday, share poems on social media to show your pals that you are also enjoying yourself. You might write your poem or utilize one of the well-known ones.

5 Interesting Facts About Tweetspeak

  1. The first Tweetspeak website

    Eric Swalberg, one of the original Tweetspeak creators, established their initial website.

  2. You can tweet to Tweetspeak

    You can share your poems with Tweetspeak on Twitter.

  3. It officially launched in 2009

    Tweetspeak was launched officially in 2009 with its first website revealed to the public.

  4. The day started in 2015

    Poem on Your Pillow Day began in May 2015.

  5. The official hashtag

    The official social media hashtag for Poem on Your Pillow Day is #PoemonYourPillowDay.

Why We Love Poem on Your Pillow Day

  1. Surprise loved ones

    We get to surprise our loved ones with heartwarming poetry that shows just how much they mean to us. It’s a special occasion to appreciate friends, our significant other, or our children.

  2. Enjoy some poetry

    Poem on Your Pillow Day is an occasion for us to enjoy poetry from our favorite poets. We also get to craft some of our own.

  3. It honors poets

    We get to show our appreciation for poetry as a way to honor the works of great poets. Though some may be long gone, their legacy lives on in their poems.

Poem on Your Pillow Day dates

2022May 3Tuesday
2023May 2Tuesday
2024May 7Tuesday
2025May 6Tuesday
2026May 5Tuesday

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