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National Bike Week – May 11-19, 2024

National Bike Week will be celebrated on May 11. This holiday that is commemorated each year in Ireland does not have a fixed date since it is announced a few months before the event. Every year Ireland promotes the Bike Week event, where people from all around the country get together to participate in different bike-riding activities through preallocated routes. Various cities set different schedules and locations to mark National Bike Week. Taking part in the event is free, and all you need is a bike and the right equipment!

History of National Bike Week

The overall concept of the bicycle was first introduced at the beginning of the nineteenth century by German inventor Baron Karl von Drais. His model, though still without pedals, inspired the bikes we see today, which have been around for over two hundred years! Many structural changes have happened to bikes over time since their initial invention so they fit different purposes. There are bikes for firefighters, professional bicycles for athletes, electric bikes, and bikes with two extra small wheels — training wheels — for balance to help the smaller kids or even adults who are learning how to ride.

The bicycle is the most well-known method of transportation worldwide and, in some places, it’s even the main one. Because it has no gas-powered motors and is set in motion by the movement of pedaling, the bike is a sustainable way to get around. Bike-riding is a form of cardiovascular exercise, so it keeps you in great shape and is also a fantastic way to help keep the planet clean. That’s why Ireland has been organizing National Bike Week for a few years now.

Some of the event’s goals include getting more people interested in bike riding, lowering pollution levels across the country, and improving the health of the residents. By promoting the free events, mayors all around Ireland hope to inspire more of their cities’ residents to cycle as much as they can.

National Bike Week timeline

The Introduction of Bikes

Baron Karl von Drais creates a ‘laufmaschine’ known as the ‘running machine’ in English.

The First Bicycle Manufacturers

Kilmarnock’s Thomas McCall produces treadle bicycles.

The 1920s
The Introduction of Bicycles to Children

As grown-ups move on to cars, children are given bikes as toys.

The First Bike Week Kicks Off

Galway Bike Week begins by introducing the first festival of its kind.

National Bike Week FAQs

What is the aim for Bike Week?

It’s to encourage everyone to ride their bikes or even learn how to ride a bike.

How long do professional bikers ride in a week?

Pro bikers usually ride their bikes around 20 —30 hours a week!

How long does it take to bike around Ireland?

It can take up to 14 days to bike all around the country!

National Bike Week Activities

  1. Ride your bike

    Of course, the best way to celebrate National Bike Week is to get on your bike and ride around town! Enjoy the wind in your hair and the scenery outside!

  2. Rent a bike

    You may want to be part of Bike Week but you do not own one. Go online and rent one.

  3. Watch bikers ride around town

    Why not check out your town’s scheduled events and watch a race? It is also okay to cheer from the sidelines

5 Interesting Facts About Bikes

  1. There are more bikes than cars

    The assumption is that there are more bikes than cars, but this depends on the country.{They save you money

  2. They save you money

    By opting for a bike instead of driving a car, you can save some money on fuel.

  3. Bikes are plenty in China

    There are half a billion bikes in China — about one bike per household.{They take up less space

  4. They take up less space

    It takes about 15 bikes to fit the space a car would occupy!

  5. Biking is an Olympic sport

    Bicycle motocross has been considered an Olympic Sport since 2008.

Why We Love National Bike Week

  1. It gets us moving

    Many of us have so much to do in our daily lives we don’t have time to exercise or even move around. It is great to have an entire week dedicated to doing just that!

  2. It gets people outside

    Sometimes we go so long without leaving our home and enjoying nature. It is great to go outside and feel the wind on our faces!

  3. It raises awareness

    It is easy to forget how much our planet is changing. During this time, we get to remember and reflect on our contribution to pollution.

National Bike Week dates

2022May 14Saturday
2023May 13Saturday
2024May 11Saturday
2025May 10Saturday
2026May 9Saturday

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