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FriMay 9

Tear the Tags Off The Mattress Day – May 9, 2025

Tear the Tags Off the Mattress Day is annually observed on May 9. This is not an event for the timid, so if you crave excitement and like living on the edge, forgo those posted warnings from the government and rip off those tags! Do the pillows too if you like. And in case you’re wondering if removing a tag is illegal, be advised that it is for some. The notification that the removal of mattress tags is punishable by law is not directed to consumers but the mattress manufacturers.

History of Tear the Tags Off The Mattress Day

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a mattress tag is? Well, it is to let consumers know exactly what is inside the mattress, i.e. what it is made of. They are there to serve the consumer. A mattress may be manufactured with a material some people are allergic to, so this information must be available for everybody. A mattress tag is a way to protect consumers from what they think they are paying for.

Before the early 20th century, mattresses were made of a lot of different materials ranging in quality. A manufacturer may claim that a mattress is made of the finest cotton money can buy when it is just a mix of something like straw and paper. The situation becomes worse when the manufacturer uses recycled materials containing bacteria or bed bugs. A particular concern to the government was the risk of manufacturers reselling mattresses that had been in hospitals, and as a consequence, exposing the wider population to dangerous communicable diseases.

When the government required that manufacturers add tags to a mattress’s ‘ingredients,’ there were some who weren’t using high-quality materials and, of course, didn’t want consumers to know, so they ripped off the tags before the mattresses hit the retailers’ showroom floors. It’s for that reason that a required notice was added on every tag, stating that it’s punishable by law to remove or damage a tag.

Tear the Tags Off The Mattress Day timeline

3400 B.C.
The First Mattress

Pharaohs and members of the Egyptian upper class start sleeping on raised wooden pallets that resemble the modern bed.

1700s A.D.
Colonial America and the Iron Frame

Colonial America sees the transition to sleeping on a cotton mattress placed on an iron frame.

Optional Mattress Tags

The use of tags is not yet mandatory for manufacturers.

The Arrival of Tags

Government officials become concerned about the materials manufacturers stuff in mattresses, and a law enforcing ingredient tags is passed in many states in the U.S.

Tear the Tags Off The Mattress Day FAQs

What is the most important thing about a mattress?

Your spine must stay aligned when you lay down on it.

What happens when you remove the tag of a mattress?

If you’re a consumer, nothing. If you’re a manufacturer, well, it’s illegal.

Can mattresses be returned?

Some mattress stores do offer refunds.

Tear the Tags Off The Mattress Day Activities

  1. Take a very long nap

    This is a day to enjoy your mattress. Do this by taking a very long nap on it.

  2. Remove that tag

    Remove the tag on your mattress and pillows to honor the day. Don’t just remove them, tear them off!

  3. Buy a new mattress

    If you were procrastinating on buying a new mattress when you know you need one, today would be a good opportunity to buy it. Change out your mattress and pillows, and prioritize your sleep health today.

5 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Mattresses

  1. The word ‘mattress’ has Arabic roots

    The Arabic word means ‘to throw.’

  2. Perpetual dust mite infestation

    A mattress has up to 10 million dust mites in it because traditional innerspring mattresses have a lot of space for these microscopic critters to roam and reproduce.

  3. Mattresses can double in weight

    After 10 years, mattresses may double in weight because they acquire a buildup of dust mites, sweat, and dead skin cells.

  4. Don’t buy a mattress on Sundays

    For some reason, it is illegal to buy a mattress on Sundays in Washington.

  5. Mattresses can be recycled

    There are several ways to recycle your old mattress, like donating it.

Why We Love Tear the Tags Off The Mattress Day

  1. We appreciate sleep

    There is nothing more pleasant than sleeping on a comfortable mattress. We celebrate anything that celebrates this simple comfort.

  2. Mattresses last for several years

    If your mattress is made of good and quality materials, it can last for several years. This is why it’s important to know what you’re buying.

  3. Mattresses can be recycled

    Donate, don’t discard. This helps not only the planet but other people that may need it.

Tear the Tags Off The Mattress Day dates

2025May 9Friday
2026May 9Saturday
2027May 9Sunday
2028May 9Tuesday
2029May 9Wednesday

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