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What You Think Upon Grows Day – May 31, 2025

The focus is strictly on our mental health for What You Think Upon Grows Day, celebrated annually on May 31. Obscure as this holiday may seem, it is one of the most positive holidays you can celebrate and leaves us feeling better than we were. Although there is no history about who started this day, it was placed on this date in honor of one of the pioneers of modern positive thinking, Norman Vincent Peale. He was a clergyman, an author, served as a pastor in Marble Collegiate Church, New York, and was one of the many people who embraced and popularized the concept of positive thinking.

History of What You Think Upon Grows Day

Today is all about the power of positive thinking! Before you prejudge this holiday or roll your eyes due to all the motivational content you’ve come across about this, allow us to give you a fresh perspective by delving into what this is all about.

They say it all starts with the mind, but where did it start? Positive thinking or the positive mental attitude is said to have begun as a concept in the 1930s, even though the principle has been inculcated within various practices, ideologies, religions, and beliefs in several ways. As a concept, it began with self-help author Oliver Napolean Hill and his book, “Think and Grow Rich.” In this book, Hill discusses positive thinking as a necessity for success, however, he never outrightly used the term, saving that for his future book, “Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude,” which he wrote alongside W. Clement Stone.

Positive thinking is the philosophy that encourages an optimistic mindset, asserting it as a key to attracting positive changes and happenings in our lives. It includes prioritizing the small joys of life, dwelling on them, and being content with them.

Norman Vincent Peale was also one of the pioneers of positive mental attitude, which he discusses at length in his book, “The Power of Positive Thinking.” He lived his life as an author, public speaker, and pastor of Marble Collegiate Church, New York. What You Think Upon Grows Day was created to encourage individuals to embrace the power of positive thinking and apply it with the hope of living happier and more fulfilled lives. It was set on Peale’s birthday to honor his memory and work.

What You Think Upon Grows Day timeline

A Legend is Born

Norman Vincent Peale is born in Ohio on May 31.

And So It Begins

A positive mental attitude is introduced as a concept through early pioneers like Oliver Napolean Hill.

So Good, He Writes About It

Norman Peale writes his first book on positive mindset, “The Power of Positive Thinking.”

A Follow Up

Peale writes a second positive mindset book called “Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results.”

What You Think Upon Grows Day FAQs

Where does the saying What You Think Upon Grows come from?

“What You Think Upon Grows” is a saying that originates from the eastern regions. The adage only implies that the thoughts you feed or allow to occupy your mind are the ones that expand and become more prominent in your life. This is applied to more arbitrary events like stubbing your toe after already having a bad day as well as to more substantial causes like health problems.

Why is positive thinking important?

Positive thinking is important because it can have a beneficial impact on both physical and mental well-being. People who maintain a more positive outlook on life cope better with stress, have better immunity, and have a lower risk of premature death

Does motivational content help with positive thinking?

Numerous research has shown that individuals that listen to, watch, or read motivational content and absorb the ideologies, applying it to their daily lives, tend to live more positive and happy lives. Motivational content when properly indulged can lead to an instantly happier mood and optimistic outlook.

What You Think Upon Grows Day Activities

  1. Learn more about the day

    Many mental benefits have been discovered, proven, and tied to the concept of positive thinking. Today we have been able to take a quick dip in this topic, but there is still a wealth of knowledge to be learned. Take out some time to research any follow-up thoughts, concerns, or questions you may have about a positive mental attitude.

  2. Write down positive affirmations

    Writing things down can help you retain information, as you may have heard or even discovered firsthand. Write down a few good thoughts, declarations, affirmations, or whatever you like to name it as a way to start the process of turning chapters in your life into more hopeful ones. That is not, however, where it ends. It is also suggested that we say these words as often as we can to ourselves.

  3. Have a mirror pep talk

    This point is a great follow-up to our previous one. A good pep talk can go a long way, especially on those days when you don’t feel your best. Who says we have to wait for someone to cheer us up when we can get the job done all by ourselves. That’s right, prop up your mirror and say a few kinds of motivating words to get yourself through the day.

5 Facts About Positive Thinking

  1. It changes your mind

    Studies have shown that neural pathways in the brain can be created by adopting a positive mindset.

  2. It can improve overall health

    Writing about more positive things will not only put you in a better mood but can also improve your overall health.

  3. It may help you live longer

    A study that was carried out on Catholic nuns proved that those who maintain a positive mindset tend to live longer.

  4. It’s good for the heart

    Maintaining a positive attitude reduces stress and anxiety levels, leading to better cardiovascular health.

  5. It takes time to master

    Adopting a positive mindset is a skill that requires time and intention to master, and we are responsible for it.

Why We Love What You Think Upon Grows Day

  1. Power in our thoughts

    If you’ve either had a bad day turned around by sticking to positive thoughts no matter what, or had a bad day gone worse by dwelling on a few mishaps, that right there is the power of the mind. This holiday reminds us just how powerful our thoughts are, and how far they go to impact our circumstances or completely change our outlook on life. This makes us more cautious about the thoughts we let fill our minds.

  2. It encourages optimism

    With the crazy things that go on in our lives, and the world at large sometimes, it often gets really difficult to maintain a positive attitude. What You Think Upon Grows Day encourages us to adopt an optimistic attitude regardless of our surrounding circumstances.

  3. It’s all about positivity

    Regardless of if you believe in the power of positive thinking or not, you cannot deny how great it makes you feel even when you don’t recognize it. We love this day because of all that it is centered around — positivity.

What You Think Upon Grows Day dates

2025May 31Saturday
2026May 31Sunday
2027May 31Monday
2028May 31Wednesday
2029May 31Thursday

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