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FriOct 11

National Spread Joy Day – October 11, 2024

National Spread Joy Day, observed on October 11, is an opportunity to shift the tone of our newsfeeds and newsrooms from negativity to joy. Today, people are urged to surprise friends and relatives with a gift, a cup of coffee, or mail. The objective is to make each other happy. The day was initiated in response to the escalating negative thinking and hatred observed on social media, in our news, and in politics to effect proactive change in our communities. We can spread happiness if we concentrate more on the good. This is the message of National Spread Joy Day.

History of National Spread Joy Day

A little humor goes a long way to distract us from the awful reality in the world today, from natural disasters to violence and divisive politics. Spending time on social media has become taxing rather than empowering, which is exactly why Seattle-based firm Knack hopes to alter things by sparking a new social media trend that emphasizes love, generosity, and appreciation.

Overwhelmed by the pessimism in newsfeeds, Laura Jennings, C.E.O. of Knack, wanted to demonstrate that there is joy all around us — we simply don’t talk about it much. As a result, she and the Knack team established National Spread Joy Day to encourage people to send gifts, carry out acts of kindness, and engage in more cheerful conversations.

The holiday encourages Americans to spend their efforts on sharing positive moments. The occasion is now in its fourth year and will be observed nationally and locally in Seattle. National Spread Joy Day is all about appreciating the good things in life and showing affection. What more could you want in a day? Engage with those around you, your friends, neighbors, work colleagues even those working at your local store. Don’t allow this opportunity to show your good side to go by and that negativity and adversity won’t get you down.

National Spread Joy Day timeline

18th Century
Achieving a Worthy Life

The quest for pleasure now extends to every facet of life, from religion and politics to employment and motherhood.

Happy Hour

Women's social groups start conducting social gatherings known as 'Happy Hour Club' or 'Happy Hour Social Club' — happily, the notion lives on today.

Laughter's Neurological Origins

The American Medical Association's neurophysiologists discover the neurological reasons for laughing and relate it to the activation of the area of the brain that makes endorphins.

National Spread Joy Day is Founded

Laura Jennings, a cheerful and enthusiastic woman, kicks off National Spread Joy Day.

National Spread Joy Day FAQs

How often do individuals smile throughout the day?

We are born with the ability to smile, but as we get older, we grin less. According to research, youngsters grin 400 times per day on average, compared to the average cheerful adult who smiles 40 to 50 times per day and the ordinary adult who only smiles 20 times per day.

Is it true that National Spread Joy Day is a holiday?

In the United States, National Spread Joy Day is commemorated as a non-working holiday.

How will I celebrate National Spread Joy Day?

Celebrate National Spread Joy Day by laughing more, lending a helping hand, and telling humorous jokes!

National Spread Joy Day Activities

  1. Do something pleasant for yourself

    After all, they say that happiness begins at home, and this is true. You cannot make other people happy if you are not happy yourself.

  2. Read cheerful and encouraging news

    Every day, there are pleasant and wonderful things happening around the world. Use your blogs and social media channels to distribute uplifting information and news articles and cheerful events.

  3. Do something to make someone happy

    Allow an automobile to cut in front of you, greet a stranger in an elevator, and tell a co-worker how well they're doing. All it takes is one modest purposeful action for joy to triumph over unpleasant circumstances and spread like wildfire.

5 Amazing Ways To Spread Joy In Your Everyday Life

  1. Be kind to yourself

    You will exude happiness when you enjoy loving gestures and are kind to yourself.

  2. Smile at others

    Sharing a grin with friends or strangers might help brighten their day.

  3. Participate in discussions

    Take a step back from the hustle of the day, and chat and engage sincerely with others around us.

  4. Everyone is always appreciative

    Being nice is beneficial and takes nothing away.

  5. Intentional listening

    Giving someone your undivided attention is one of the simplest ways to help them feel better about themselves.

Why We Love National Spread Joy Day

  1. It's a lot of fun!

    It's enjoyable to spread joy by laughing and delivering harmless jokes. Forget about the past and the future and focus on living completely in the now.

  2. It aids depression treatment

    Spreading happiness kills sadness. This day helps individuals get over the problems that might contribute to their despair.

  3. Happiness spreads

    Social network studies have proven that not only can your immediate circle of friends influence how happy you are, but others you know indirectly may also be affected. We want happiness to stretch well beyond our immediate circle.

National Spread Joy Day dates

2024October 11Friday
2025October 11Saturday
2026October 11Sunday
2027October 11Monday
2028October 11Wednesday

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