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National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day – October 11, 2024

National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day is observed every year on October 11 to draw attention to the symptoms, causes, and treatment course for Peyronie’s disease. Roughly one in 11 men struggle with Peyronie’s disease in their lifetimes, which causes scar tissue buildup on a penis, resulting in an enhanced curvature of the organ. Stigma, shame, and discomfort surround the victims of the disease, who often choose not to disclose their condition. The day brings attention to the early symptoms of the diseases and arms men with information about the condition.

History of National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day

Peyronie’s disease is a fairly common medical condition that results in an enhanced curvature of the penis due to scar tissue build-up inside the organ. It is an embarrassing condition that men refrain from sharing in public. Although penises aren’t supposed to be perfectly straight, a larger than usual bend can be a cause of worry. This normally happens due to plaque buildup caused by scar tissue and is called Peyronie’s disease. The curve is noticeable when the penis is erect and can lead to sexual difficulties and painful erections.

Significant tissue scarring, reddening, a bend in the penis, shortening of the penis, and persistent pain are some of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. It takes about three to twelve months post the onset of symptoms for the disease to become chronic. Getting the right treatment within that window can drastically reduce the chances of developing serious issues, including erectile dysfunction.

The cause of Peyronie’s disease is still unknown, although studies have confirmed that most cases of Peyronie’s disease occur due to repeated physical trauma to the penis. Strides are being made toward the treatment course of the disease, including oral and surgical plans that minimize pain. Since the holiday was established in 2018, encouraging facts about the disease have emerged, including numerous treatment courses for the disease’s early and onset stages. Patients are now presented with options such as injection therapy, penile traction procedure, and oral medication to tame or eliminate the condition.

National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day timeline

The First Curve

Anatomists Gabriele Falloppio and Andreas Vesalius mention the condition of a curved penis in a conversation.

The Disease is Named

French surgeon François Gigot de la Peyronie describes the condition and names it as Peyronie’s disease.

The Cure is Developed

The F.D.A. approves the dosage of collagenase for clostridium histolyticum to break down excess collagen in the penis.

The Day is Declared

Erectile dysfunction therapeutic entity GAINSWave announces a treatment for Peyronie’s disease and declares October 11 as National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day.

National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day FAQs

Can Peyronie’s disease be cured?

Stretch therapy, oral medication, and minor surgeries are some of the ways in which Peyronie’s disease is addressed.

What are the main causes of Peyronie’s disease?

The causes of Peyronie’s disease have not been identified yet. Some of the leading factors that contribute to the condition are repeated injuries to the penis during intimacy or athletics.

Is Peyronie’s disease permanent?

Peyronie’s disease is a permanent condition; however, the curvature of the penis can be decreased through medication and therapy.

How to Observe National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day

  1. Share the information

    Although we still don’t know the exact cause of the disease, there are different factors that contribute to its origin. Take the day to spread as much information as possible about the healing regimen of an injured penis and share resources regarding symptoms and early-stage treatment plans for the disease.

  2. Encourage discourse

    There are disastrous consequences of the shame and stigma that surround penile issues. The lack of first-hand testimonies and information regarding treatment makes the disease a top concern for men. On National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day, encourage healthy discussions regarding the symptoms and treatment of the disease.

  3. Support the patients

    Peyronie’s disease can cause intense emotional duress and stress to patients. They need our help during the course of their treatment, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. You can register your fight against the disease by lending your direct support through monetary donations or encouraging your male peers to get regular consultations from a doctor.

5 Reassuring Facts About Peyronie’s Disease

  1. It is treatable

    There are many treatment options, such as oral medication, traction therapy, and surgery available for patients.

  2. Early detection is great

    Early diagnosis and quick treatment increase your chances of a full recovery exponentially.

  3. You can return to normalcy

    Most patients regain sexual functions such as ejaculation and erection after treatment and therapy.

  4. It is common

    Roughly one in 11 men of all ages experiences this disease.

  5. Treatments are diverse and doable

    Therapies and surgeries are largely painless and can be undertaken by patients without any fear.

Why National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day is Important

  1. It challenges the stigma

    There’s an abundance of shame and stigma that surrounds almost any irregularity concerning the male sexual organ. This is damaging and highly dangerous for everyone involved. With National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day, we challenge the silence and provide a safe space for the patients to speak their truths.

  2. It enables early detection

    The more we know, the better we do. In most cases, Peyronie’s disease is undiagnosed and it’s often not caught until it’s too late. Proper knowledge about the early symptoms and causes of the condition gives patients a fighting chance before the disease makes some irreversible changes to the body.

  3. It encourages a healthy dialogue

    Even with the availability of the internet, there’s a persistent ignorance about some of the most important issues, including this one. Men, in particular, have historically refrained from opening up about penile issues to their peers. October 11 marks the day on which we encourage men to educate themselves about this tricky disease.

National Peyronie’s Disease Awareness Day dates

2024October 11Friday
2025October 11Saturday
2026October 11Sunday
2027October 11Monday
2028October 11Wednesday

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