​National Croc Day 2018 – October 23

Look, fashion trends are cyclical. One day you’re in, the next day, well, you’re out — that is, until the day comes when you’re in again. Well guess what? Crocs are making a big comeback, everywhere from college campuses to fashion runways, celebrity feet to the comedy stage. And why not? They’re versatile, vibrant, and most of all comfortable. So jump on the normcore bandwagon and get yourself a pair or four. Not only are there an incredible range of colors and patterns to choose from, but now there are, yes, heeled styles along with traditional clogs and flip flops.

National Croc Day - History

​High heel Crocs flew off the shelves

​A new heeled version of the foam shoe was introduced, and sold out quickly.

​Crocs get presidential

George W. Bush sported a Crocs-with-socks combo. Later, Michelle Obama (and daughters) wore them as well.

The first Croc

The company introduced its first style: "The Beach."

National Croc Day Activities

1. Wear your Crocs with pride
That's right. Don't just put them on where no one can see you. Wear your Crocs to class, work, the big game, on a date. Show everyone how quirky, cool, and comfortable you are being you.

2. Buy another pair (or several)
Big game coming up? Buy two pairs in your school colors and wear one on each foot. Disney fan? Stick those princess jibbitz in there. Weather getting cold? Get fur-lined clogs, of course. One of the greatest things about Crocs is how affordable and customizable they are.

3. Throw a Croc-themed party
Invite your friends over for some snacks and fun. Ask them to wear Crocs paired with an unexpected outfit. Watch your friends stream in wearing Crocs and prom dresses, business suits, football uniforms, judicial robes, you name it. Use extra pairs as decorations. Go Instagram crazy. Use the hashtag #nationalcrocday and start racking up those "likes."

​5 Ways Crocs Are Cool

1. ​High-fashion brand Balenciaga released an $850 Croc-inspired platform that completely sold out

​Luckily, you only have to pay a small fraction of that for your Crocs.

2. ​"Crocs! The Musical" recently debuted at the New York Theater Festival

And just like that, they're officially a cultural icon.

3. ​​Kayne West designed the "Yeezy Slide" for his fashion brand

​Can't fool us, that's basically a Croc.

4. The high heel version is proving super popular

​Imagine being comfortable wearing heels at work, on a date, or at a more formal event...ahhhhhhhh.

5. Well heeled grads

A 2018 Florida high school senior asked Crocs to supply a pair of its white foam shoes for her and all of her female classmates in exchange for 2,018 retweets. It worked!

Why We Love National Croc Day

A. Crocs are COMFY
This "foam clog shoe"makes it feel like you're walking on clouds or as some wearers say, marshmallowy pillows. Just slip them on and go, with socks or without. No laces, no tying, no problem.

B. Crocs are versatile
Sure they're great for gardening and just hanging around. But slip on one of the heeled Croc styles and you're ready to hit the clubs. Want to show off your personality? There's a whole rainbow of colors and jibbitz (charms that attach to your shoes) to customize your kicks. Crocs can go anywhere and with any outfit.

C. Crocs are making a fashion comeback
Worried about getting flack for wearing your comfy Crocs? Never fear. Crocs are making a big fashion comeback. Drew Barrymore, and even frat guys, are wearing the foam clogs these days. Croc-inspired shoes are even showing up on high-fashion runways. We're looking at you, Yeezy.

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