National Paralegal Day – October 23, 2019

Wed Oct 23

National Paralegal Day celebrates those who do the legal research (and mountains of paperwork) that enables law firms to function. Paralegals generally go unnoticed because they tend to do their jobs so well. Attorneys, who are ultimately responsible for a paralegal’s work, depend greatly on these men and women to get things right. That means having a firm grasp on the facts and the law. They rarely get the respect or credit deserved, but on October 23, it’s their time to grab the spotlight.



National Paralegal Day - History


Ontario gives paralegals official recognition.

Licensed paralegals were endorsed and recognized as officers of the court, meaning they have a part in the legal system


California Paralegal Day

Governor George Deukmejian signed a proclamation declaring an official “California Paralegal Day."

​October 23, 1981

​"The Paralegal Division of The State Bar of Texas" was created

​This was where it all started. The State Bar of Texas created "The Paralegal Division of The State Bar of Texas," making it the first U.S. bar association to create a separate division for paralegals.

How to Observe National Paralegal Day

  1. Send a thank you card

    If you've recently worked with a law office or attorney, chances are there were paralegals working on your case until the wee hours of the night. Let them know you appreciate their help with a handwritten thank you note. There's nothing sweeter.

  2. Send a sweet treat to a local law office

    We lied. There can be something sweeter than a card, and that's a basket of baked goods. If you're not a baker, you can always have some cookies or fruit delivered to a local law office near you. Just be sure to note it's for the paralegals on their special day.

  3. Consider it a possible career

    Looking to jump start your career? Paralegal training courses exist both online and in-person. This could be your first step towards a great gig — or even law school.

3 Things Paralegals Do Daily

  1. Client interviews

    A paralegal may have to conduct interviews with potential witnesses and take notes to summarize testimony.

  2. ​Drafting legal documents

    ​From complaints and subpoenas to pretrial orders and legal briefs, most of their days are spent drafting these documents.

  3. Legal research and presentations

    They assist lawyers by gathering and analyzing information on the case — as well as relevant laws, precedents, and prior judicial decisions.

Why National Paralegal Day is Important

  1. There's no "I" in team.

    The day serves as a good reminder that it's a team rather than just an attorney at work. Though the lawyer calls the (legal) shots, their arguments wouldn't be possible without the help of the paralegal.

  2. Appreciation equals motivation

    It shows paralegals that their tasks as assistants, researchers, and interviewers all matter, and the work doesn't go unnoticed. Appreciation usually promotes better work ethic.

  3. Two words that could solve a case faster: Thank you.

    Expressing gratitude at the office can improve work relationships and connections according to research done by consultants. This in turn helps the attorneys accomplish their goals as a whole more efficiently.

National Paralegal Day dates
2019October 23Wednesday
2020October 23Friday
2021October 23Saturday
2022October 23Sunday
2023October 23Monday