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WedSep 11

No News is Good News Day – September 11, 2024

No News is Good News Day is an interesting occasion that is marked in the U.S every year on September 11. While it may seem amusing, you’d be surprised at how much bad news affects the general mood in the public atmosphere. But on No News is Good News Day, you can take a break from the twenty-four-hour news cycle and focus on more positive thoughts. As technology continues to make it easier to connect with literally any part of the world, being able to switch off from the endless information frenzy is becoming important. On this day, you can take a breather and shield yourself from worrying about any news by going offline.

History of No News is Good News Day

Although this day is native to the U.S, its origin and history are largely unknown. However, with the pressures of social media shenanigans and political conflicts sprouting daily — not forgetting climate change — it’s become very necessary to unplug from time to time. Staying away from external information can greatly improve the quality of your mood, which consequently boosts your productivity. But most times, it’s hard to maintain high levels of motivation because our timelines keep us updated on every single conflict happening anywhere in the world.

With practically everything these days beginning and ending on social media, there’s always a full storehouse of content to keep you phone-surfing for hours. And even though it feels like most online content is pretty harmless, they can subtly influence their audience and the choices they make. A day when everyone can unplug from the frenzy is a great concept and deserves to be adopted globally.

Unplug from the internet and switch off the T.V. Pick up a board game or take a stroll to the beach. When you give it much thought, you’ll realize that there are endless activities you can do on No News is Good News Day. Apart from the psychological benefits of having peace of mind for a full day, you’ll feel energized and refreshed when you get back into the mix of things. And as more people strive to achieve a better work-life balance, this day is bound to gain more recognition in the coming years.

No News is Good News Day timeline

King James of England

The King of England writes down the quote; "No news is better than evil news."

James Howell's 'Familiar Letters'

The book writer, James Howell references the phrase in his book

21st Century
Becomes significant

No News is Good News Day begins to be marked in the U.S.

September 11, 2021
No News Day

No News is Good News Day is observed across the world.

No News is Good News Day FAQs

What does it mean when they say “no news is good news?”

The expression is commonly used to describe the absence of any news from a source that is known for reporting bad news.

Why is news so often negative?

This is due to the media’s use of a negative bias to boost their bottom lines. Spin, clickbait headlines, and exaggerations are used to achieve this. For publications, bad news attracts a lot of attention and generates a lot of revenue, as well.

When was the use of ‘no news is good news’ first recorded in English?

It was in 1640 that the use of the exact expression was first recorded in English. It was James Howell, who wrote, “I am of the Italians’ mind that said, ‘Nulla nuova, buona nuova’ (no news, good news).

No News is Good News Day Activities

  1. Unplug from the internet

    While the Internet might not have a switch button to turn off, you can choose to ignore your devices on No News is Good News Day. With so many events happening worldwide, there's always something awesome and awful on the timeline. But on this day, you can choose to ignore the Internet and focus on some natural observation.

  2. Read a book

    No News is Good News Day is a splendid opportunity to catch up on one of those bestsellers you've bought but haven't had the time to touch. So dust it up, pick a spot and read something that isn't news.

  3. Visit beautiful scenery

    Nothing helps the mind soar as easily as a good, steady stroll does. All you need is your headphones and your favorite playlist to give you a steady rhythm. Use the day as a chance to visit somewhere serene and enjoy nature's beauty.

5 Facts About The U.S. Everyone Should Know

  1. Christopher Columbus Discovered the Americas

    It wasn't until Christopher Colombus made his first voyage to North America in 1492 that Europe began its real colonization of the continent.

  2. The First U.S. President had no opposition

    George Washington is the only president to have received a perfect 100% of the Electoral College votes.

  3. The war brought about many changes

    One of the most significant post-Civil War developments in the United States was the abolition of slavery.

  4. America has the highest number of alligators

    More than five million alligators are thought to be roaming the southern states of the United States, with 1.25 million of them in Florida alone.

  5. 27 versions of the U.S. flag

    Hawaii was the 50th state and the 50th star on the flag when it adopted its current design 62 years ago.

Why We Love No News is Good News Day

  1. It's an opportunity to unwind and reflect

    No News is Good News Day is a great opportunity to de-stress by limiting your exposure to outside information. It's much easier to think clearly and make plans when you're not stressed.

  2. It helps to reduce depression

    With so much going on in the world at any given time, we'll inevitably hear something that causes us concern. And most of the time, we end up worrying about things that we can't change. On the other hand, on "No News is Good News Day," you can enjoy a full day of positive thoughts.

  3. It increases environmental awareness

    We become increasingly disconnected from our physical surroundings as we continue to upgrade our devices daily. Unplugging can allow you to see things that are new to you because the news and the internet are no longer available to you.

No News is Good News Day dates

2024September 11Wednesday
2025September 11Thursday
2026September 11Friday
2027September 11Saturday
2028September 11Monday

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