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National Hot Cross Bun Day
WedSep 11

National Hot Cross Bun Day – September 11, 2024

National Hot Cross Bun Day is celebrated each year on September 11. Though there’s a day dedicated to this tasty treat, these buns are delicious any day of the year. A hot cross bun is made from yeast dough and is usually a bit sweet. Some may even contain spices such as cinnamon along with raisins, currants, or other dried fruits. Most of us prefer having a hot cross bun for breakfast accompanied with a cup of coffee or a glass of warm milk and always with a generous dose of butter. They make for a scrumptious and filling breakfast food.

History of National Hot Cross Bun Day

Many stories claim the origins of the hot cross bun. One believes that the 13th-century Anglican monk baked these buns to share with others, and marked them with a cross in honor of Good Friday. The buns back then might have had a bland taste but they were meant to be shared as a show of friendship and love.

By the 16th century, these buns had been introduced to Elizabethan England. The queen decided to keep the buns sacred and a law was passed to limit the sale of the buns to Christmas, funerals, and the Friday before Easter. The law was too difficult to enforce and was eventually scrapped off. People rejoiced and started baking hot cross buns throughout the year.

Some superstitious people believed that these buns had medicinal or healing powers. While others believed that the buns baked on Good Friday would never go stale. Others were of the opinion that hot cross buns could ward off evil spirits. And a few others claimed that the buns protected sailors from shipwrecks while on sea voyages! Although hot cross might have existed before Christianity, these buns have been historically only eaten on Good Friday as a Christian symbol of the crucifixion. However, in many places, hot cross buns are now widely sold and eaten practically every day of the year. The superstitions also seem to be fading since these buns are no longer used for any other purpose other than having a fill when you are hungry.

National Hot Cross Bun Day timeline

6th Century A.D.
The Greeks

The Greeks mark their buns with a cross.

Early 1600s
Restriction on Sale

James I of England tries to impose restrictions on the sale of these buns.

First Definite Records

Poor Robin’s Almanac records the Hot Cross Bun street cry.

Not Cross Buns

Buns with the same ingredients but different markings hit the market.

National Hot Cross Bun Day FAQs

What is the tradition behind hot cross buns?

Hot Cross Buns are inextricably linked to Easter and Christianity. But in reality, they probably have pre-Christian origins. 

What do hot cross buns symbolize?

The origins of hot cross buns may go back as far as the 12th century. According to the story, an Anglican monk baked the buns and marked them with a cross in honor of Good Friday. Over time they gained popularity, and eventually became a symbol of Easter weekend. 

How should you eat hot cross buns?

Slice open the hot cross buns along the width and butter the inside. Sandwich the bun back together and eat. You can eat one slice at a time if you prefer. Fresh hot cross buns are especially nice this way.

How To Celebrate National Hot Cross Bun Day

  1. Eat a bun

    You must treat yourself to a hot cross bun on National Hot Cross Bun Day. Get freshly baked buns for breakfast and enjoy them with your favorite hot beverage.

  2. Bake a bun

    Try your hand at baking hot cross buns on National Hot Cross Bun Day. Follow an online recipe or your family recipe to make your very own buns.

  3. Try something new

    Add new flavors or spices when you bake your own batch of hot cross buns. You may add nuts, chocolate chips, or lemon zest to add a twist to the original recipe.

5 Facts About Bread That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The British love their bread

    British women eat around 76 grams of bread every day while men consume approximately 113 grams a day.

  2. Bread has many varieties

    There are up to 200 varieties of bread.

  3. Don’t store bread in the fridge

    Bread goes stale six times faster in the fridge than at room temperature.

  4. Bread was used as an eraser

    People used soft bread crumbs to erase pencil marks.

  5. Bread has been to the moon

    The first meal consumed on the moon was bread and wine.

Why We Love National Hot Cross Bun Day

  1. They have a long history

    Since their origin, hot cross buns have had a long, interesting history. This is a good day to look back at how these buns have made their way to us.

  2. It’s a much-loved treat

    Everyone loves a good hot cross bun. A favorite breakfast treat, National Hot Cross Bun Day is the perfect way to celebrate this doughy deliciousness.

  3. A day to bake

    National Hot Cross Bun Day invites us to bake and experiment with hot cross bun variations. Put your inner chef to work and see what interesting recipes you can come up with.

National Hot Cross Bun Day dates

2024September 11Wednesday
2025September 11Thursday
2026September 11Friday
2027September 11Saturday
2028September 11Monday

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