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According to Hoyle Day
ThuAug 29

According to Hoyle Day – August 29, 2024

On According to Hoyle Day on August 29, we honor Edmond Hoyle, who is best known for his definitive books on the rules and regulations of the popular board games and card games of his time. His vast knowledge of gameplay and rules became the final word, with many people verifying a rule by saying the phrase “According to Hoyle…”

History of According to Hoyle Day

Edmond Hoyle was a lawyer by profession, but is best-known for codifying the rules for many board games — such as backgammon and chess, and card games. Arguably his most important contribution was a small booklet he wrote in 1742 for the card game Whist, titled “A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist.” From then onwards, the rules detailed in this booklet became authoritative for the game for the next hundred years.

Whenever players would refer to the rules of games for which Hoyle had established them, they would begin with the phrase “According to Hoyle…,” indicating that the rule is set in stone by the expert himself. With time, this phrase became a way of assuring others that they are quoting an expert, so whether people were debating a new law, discussing history, theories, or rules of a card game, “According to Hoyle…” became a go-to saying.

Edward Hoyle died on August 29, 1769, and this date is when we celebrate According to Hoyle day every year. On August 29, Hoyle’s massive contributions to creating the laws of many games, as well as honoring experts and their authority on their respective areas of expertise, is celebrated on According to Hoyle day.

According to Hoyle Day timeline

Serious Gamers Only

Edward Hoyle tutors people from high society the game of Whist, and sells them copies of his notes.

Fresh Off the Press

Hoyle publishes “A Short Treatise On The Game Of Whist.”

But There’s More!

“Hoyle: A Short Treatise On The Game Of Backgammon” is published.

The New Rules

Hoyle’s rules of the game Whist remain authoritative until 1864.

According to Hoyle Day FAQs

What is Hoyle’s first name?

“According to Hoyle…” is a phrase referring to British writer Edward Hoyle. 

What nationality is the name Hoyle?

Hoyle is a Welsh name, derived from the Old English word “holh,” which means “hole.”

When was the book of Hoyle written?

Edward Hoyle’s most famous publication “A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist” was published in 1742.

How To Celebrate According to Hoyle Day

  1. Use the phrase “According to Hoyle…”

    Use the phrase “According to Hoyle…” in your conversations today. If there is something that you are quite knowledgeable about, like baking a pie, you can say “According to Hoyle, the pie crust should be thin for best texture.”

  2. Learn to play Whist

    Learn how to play the card game Whist, and learn the rules of the game from the expert himself, Edward Hoyle.

  3. Host a game night

    Pull out all your favorite board games and card games and host a game night for your friends or family.

5 Facts About Card Games That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Card games originated in China

    Card games date back to 7th century China. Although the deck was completely different from the modern 52-card deck we all know of today.

  2. Casanova loved more than just ladies

    Giacomo Casanova’s escapades with women are famous, but did you know that he was an ardent fan of card games too?

  3. Cards are used in the military

    Militaries often use cards to represent sought-after leaders, such as the 8 of spades representing Tariq Aziz during America’s war on Iraq.

  4. Card games are great mental stimulation

    Card games like Solitaire and Bridge are meant to relax the mind, whereas games like Poker involve high stakes and more strategy.

  5. Only in Vegas, baby!

    Casinos in Las Vegas, U.S.A. discard or sell card decks every 12 hours, or at times even sooner.

Why We Love According To Hoyle Day

  1. We celebrate experts

    When you think about it, without experts to set the definitive rules or methods for games, procedures, activities, and more, we’d all be haphazardly doing our own thing. Bless the experts who established systematic ways of doing things!

  2. The rich history of Whist

    Hoyle’s rules for Whist are outdated, but they were the final word for more than a hundred years. It’s good to revive and revisit these rules to really appreciate the evolution of games and their history.

  3. A chance to pull out board games!

    Most board games can be played multiplayer online, but there is nothing like the real thing! Host a game night, pull out your favorite board games, and let the games begin (in accordance with rules by Hoyle, that is.)

According to Hoyle Day dates

2024August 29Thursday
2025August 29Friday
2026August 29Saturday
2027August 29Sunday
2028August 29Tuesday

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