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Founding Anniversary of the Senate – August 29, 2024

We are getting ready for the Founding Anniversary of the Senate on August 29. It is a historical day for the people of the Philippines. This annual celebration represents the formation of the Philippine Senate and the independence of the nation. The Philippines is a nation that has been ruled by various foreign states, such as Spain and the United States, throughout history. The Senate of the Philippines is the upper chamber of Congress ruling the Philippines and was founded on August 29, 1916, as a result of the Philippine Autonomy Act, popularly known as the Jones Law.

History of Founding Anniversary of the Senate

The Philippines is an archipelagic nation in Southeast Asia, surrounded by the western Pacific Ocean. The nation shares a maritime border with China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Palau, Japan, and Taiwan. It is a combination of around 7,640 islands grouped under three main divisions: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The Philippines is the 13th most populous country in the world, with a population of around 109 million people. The nation is geographically situated in an earthquake zone but is also one of the newly industrialized cities with a rich cultural history and biodiversity.

The first humans reached the islands of the Philippines around 777,000 years ago. The butchered remains of animals like rhinoceros found in Rizal in Kalinga are important archeological evidence that helped the research team to identify the prehistory of the Philippines. By the 12th century, the island witnessed immense growth in culture and economy, and a large number of coastal settlements and trade centers emerged during this period. The colonization officially began in 1565 with the arrival of Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi from Mexico, and the country was briefly occupied by Britain between 1762 and 1764. The Spanish-American War began in 1898, and the Philippines gained independence from Spain. The First Philippine Republic was established the very next year on January 21, until it slowly dissolved under American rule.

The Americans enacted the Philippine Autonomy Act on August 29, 1916, creating an elected bicameral Philippine legislature with the Senate as the upper chamber. The act, popularly known as the Jones Law, acted as a constitution for the nation until 1934. The Jones Law also had frameworks to create a fully elected and stable government to replace American rule in the Philippines and to help the island become a free nation. The Senate was briefly abolished in 1935 but was restored in 1941.

Founding Anniversary of the Senate timeline

900 — 1565
The Laguna Copperplate Inscription

The earliest surviving written record is from the Philippines.

The Battle of Mactan

Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan reaches the area to claim the islands for Spain, causing the Battle of Mactan.

Enactment of Jones Law

The U.S. enacts the Philippine Autonomy Act and creates the first Senate of the nation.

Independence of the Philippines

The U.S. signs the Treaty of Manila, recognizing the independence of the Philippines.

Founding Anniversary of the Senate FAQs

What do senators do in the Philippines?

The Senate of the Philippines acts as the upper chamber of the country’s legislature. It creates and promotes national policy to build a prosperous and democratic nation.

How long is the Senate of the Philippines?

The term of office of the senators is usually six years.

How are senators elected in the Philippines?

Elections to the Senate of the Philippines follow a plurality-at-large voting policy. A voter can cast a vote for up to 12 candidates. The 12 candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected to the Senate.

How to Observe Founding Anniversary of the Senate

  1. Visit the Philippines

    The Philippines is a beautiful archipelago with a bounty of natural and cultural attractions. Visit the nation on the Founding Anniversary of the Senate, and see the political institutions that rule over the nation.

  2. Read the history of the Philippine Senate

    The Philippines has a rich history full of important events. Try to learn about the events that shaped the island nation's history.

  3. Create social media well-wishes

    Create a social media post. Wish the people of the Philippines a happy anniversary of the founding of the Senate.

5 Facts About The Phillippines Senate That You Should Know

  1. The first Muslim senator

    Hadji Butu Abdul Baqui, representing Mindanao and Sulu, was the first Muslim senator.

  2. The first female senator

    Geronima Tomelden-Pecson became the first woman senator in 1947.

  3. First actor to the Senate

    Rogelio de la Rosa becomes the first actor to be elected to the Senate in 1957.

  4. The longest-serving senator

    Lorenzo Tañada is the longest-serving senator and has served for four terms.

  5. Age limit for the Senate

    A person has to be over 35 years old to be qualified to be a senator.

Why Founding Anniversary of the Senate is Important

  1. The Philippines is an amazing nation

    The Philippines is an amazing island nation. It is a center of culture and biodiversity. This day marks an important event in the history of the nation that shaped its politics into what we are seeing today.

  2. One of the newly industrialized nations

    The nation is on its way to shifting into a major manufacturing hub. We love such powerful transitions, and this is a day to celebrate for the whole nation.

  3. We love freedom

    Freedom is one of the most important aspects of our lives. This day is historically important for the freedom struggle of the nation.

Founding Anniversary of the Senate dates

2024August 29Thursday
2025August 29Friday
2026August 29Saturday
2027August 29Sunday
2028August 29Tuesday

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