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Miss American Rose Day – October 20, 2024

Celebrated on October 20, Miss American Rose Day is associated with the Miss American Rose pageant. The competition celebrates American women of all ages, and their education, accomplishments, skills, social service, and professional careers. This day is an extension of the pageant. We are reminded to appreciate ourselves and the women in our lives, with their unique talents and achievements. Life gets hard, and on some bad days, we forget to be kind to ourselves. Miss American Rose Day is a special occasion for women to share and show love for themselves and for one another.


History of Miss American Rose Day

A beauty pageant is an event (or series of events) where various women compete against one another and showcase their talents. Traditionally, pageants were judged based on their physical attributes; now, the criteria for evaluation have extended to personality, talent, social work, intelligence, and values.

In 1839, Archibald Montgomerie, the 11th Earl of Eglinton, organized a beauty pageant, as part of the Eglinton Tournament. The pageant was a re-enactment of a medieval joust that had happened in Scotland. Georgiana Seymour, the Duchess of Somerset, won the pageant and claimed the title ‘Queen of Beauty.’

An entertainer named Phineas Taylor Barnum pioneered the first modern American pageant in the year 1854. Unfortunately, the pageant was abruptly shut down due to public protest, hence evaluation was done by substituting daguerreotypes — images of the contestants on silvered copper plates.

In 1921, the Atlantic City’s Inter-City Beauty Contest was held, which became very popular. The origin of the current beauty pageants can be traced back to this. It was held to capture the attention of summer tourists and get them to stay in town even after Labor Day. The winner in this pageantry received the title of ‘Miss America.’ And the local newsman, Herb Test, made history by having the honor of offering this title to Margaret Gorman, the first-ever Miss America.

The pageantry triggered many controversies, and its popularity witnessed a decline. In 1935, producer Lenora Slaughter resurrected the pageant by bringing Hollywood into the picture. The winner would henceforth be given screen tests and opportunities to star in films or shows, or both. Lenora Slaughter also decided to add a college scholarship valued at $5,000 to the winner. The Atlantic City’s Inter-City Beauty Contest has expanded, grown in popularity, and evolved into the Miss America, Miss World, and Miss Universe that we know today.

Miss American Rose Day timeline

Earl Archibald Montgomerie Organizes the First Pageant

The contest is held in the form of a re-enactment of a medieval joust that had happened in Scotland.

The First Modern American Pageant is Held

The entertainer Phineas Taylor Barnum organizes the first modern American pageant, but it receives strong opposition from the public.

The Miss America Title is Born

Local newsman Herb Test awards the first-ever ‘Miss America’ title to Margaret Gorman, the winner of the Atlantic City’s Inter-City Beauty Contest.

Hollywood Meets Pageantry

The winners of beauty pageants receive opportunities to act in Hollywood films and shows.

The Talent Component is Introduced

The system of evaluation that is based solely on the physical attributes of contestants is done away with, and a new criterion that considers their talents is introduced.

Miss American Rose Day FAQs

What is the National America Miss Pageant?

It’s a contest for girls in five or six different age groups — five at the state level; six at the national level. And the age range is from as young as four to as old as 20.

Is Miss American Rose Day a national holiday?

No, Miss American Rose Day is not a national holiday. Schools, offices, and public transport function as usual on this day

What can you do on Miss American Rose Day?

You can buy yourself a cute outfit, take yourself out on a spa date, make a delicious dinner for a woman you appreciate, or donate to a worthy cause. Do whatever makes you feel ‘you.’

Miss American Rose Day Activities

  1. Treat yourself!

    Go and buy yourself that outfit you have been thinking about for months now, or stay in and indulge in some self-care. Today, we celebrate you.

  2. Donate to a cause you support

    Donate to a charity or a worthy cause to which you adhere. This is a good day to give back to the community.

  3. Celebrate a woman in your life

    Be it your mom, your friend, your partner, or even your neighbor — one of the best ways to celebrate today is to appreciate and acknowledge the presence of your American Rose.

5 Important Facts About Beauty Pageants

  1. Thomas Edison served as a pageant judge

    It is alleged that Thomas Edison, one of America's greatest inventors, served as a judge at a pageant in 1880 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

  2. Miss America was started to boost tourism

    The Miss America pageant was first introduced to entice tourists to stay in Atlantic City after Labor Day.

  3. Competing in a pageant is expensive

    The cost of participating in a major pageant like the Miss U.S.A. pageant is somewhere in the five-figure range — it is not unusual for contestants to spend an amount more than the cash prize awarded to the pageant's winner,

  4. Miss U.S.A. strict marriage rules

    A married woman, single mother, or pregnant woman cannot participate in the contest; titleholders stay single throughout their reign.

  5. Runaway Miss America left her crown behind

    Bette Cooper, who became Miss America in 1937, ran away with her boyfriend after the results were announced because she couldn't handle the attention.

Why We Love Miss American Rose Day

  1. It encourages self-love

    This is a day to celebrate yourself. You get to do absolutely anything your heart desires, and you give yourself a nice treat.

  2. Creates an opportunity for social work

    Giving back to the community through donation or volunteer work is very important. If you’ve been looking for the right time to do a good deed, here is your chance!

  3. It recognizes women’s achievements

    This day celebrates the many achievements and talents of women all over the country. It is a day made just for you to receive love and recognition.

Miss American Rose Day dates

2024October 20Sunday
2025October 20Monday
2026October 20Tuesday
2027October 20Wednesday
2028October 20Friday

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