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National Brandied Fruit Day
SunOct 20

National Brandied Fruit Day – October 20, 2024

National Brandied Fruit Day is celebrated on October 20 each year. Brandied fruit is the perfect snack for those who want something spicy along with the delicious sweetness of fruits. You get your fill of alcohol as well as the healthy nutrients of fruits. What’s not to love? Wine is distilled to get brandy, then once the spirit is ready, sugar, spices, and fruits are added to it and heated. This mixture is then stored in a container and preserved for a while before it is ready to be eaten. The fruit of one’s labor is indeed sweet with this treat.

History of National Brandied Fruit Day

In 1313, people began to distill brandy in France as medicine. It was called ‘eau de vie,’ literally ‘water of life,’ because of its brilliant strengthening and sanitary powers. Brandy, because of its antibacterial components and high volume of alcohol, helps with cold and flu, among several other health benefits.

In 1797, George Washington began the commercial distilling of brandy to be sold as liquor, at the persuasion of his Scottish farm manager, James Anderson. Washington adopted the distilling technique that Anderson learned in Scotland. With Anderson’s help, Washington became the owner of one of the largest distilleries in America. Competing against him was Robert Liard, America’s oldest distiller, with his Applejack distillery founded in 1780 (a few years before Washington’s Mount Vernon distillery). Soon, brandy as a liquor grew in popularity in America.

In the 19th century, brandied fruit became popular around the world. Because there were no refrigerators, fruits easily decomposed. Adding brandy to fruits was discovered to be an easy way to preserve them. Apples, grapes, cherries, blueberries, and even peaches — any kind of fruit could be preserved with brandy. And because brandy enhances the flavor and taste of fruits, the combo turned out to be a delicious dessert for adults. It also serves as the perfect snack in winter to warm oneself up.

National Brandied Fruit Day timeline

Brandy is Distilled as Medicine

Brandy is distilled as medicine in France because of its extraordinary sanitary and strengthening powers.

Applejack: America's Oldest Distillery

America's oldest distiller, Robert Liard, records his first commercial transaction of Applejack at his distillery in New Jersey.

George Washington’s Commercial Distillery

George Washington, who begins distillation operations at the advice of his farm manager, becomes one of the biggest commercial distillers in America.

Brandied Fruits Gain Popularity

Brandy, during the Victorian era of 1820–1914, is discovered to be a preservative for fruits, and soon becomes a popular dessert because mixing it with fruits enhances its taste.

National Brandied Fruit Day FAQs

Is there a National Fruit Day?

Yes, there is a National Fruit at Work Day, which is celebrated on the first Tuesday in October every year. Find more articles about fruit-related days on our website: Fruit Holidays.

What day is National Food Day?

National Food Day is on October 24. On this day, we celebrate healthy and nutritious food. 

How do you store brandied fruit?

You can store your brandied fruit on a counter or a shelf. Make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight and in a tightly capped container. 

How To Celebrate National Brandied Fruit Day

  1. Make your own brandied fruit

    If you feel confident about your cooking skills, this could be your chance to demonstrate them. Find a recipe for making brandied fruits, and try it right away!

  2. Find a restaurant in your area

    Search online for restaurants that have brandied fruits on their menu. Take a loved one along; share the sweet brandied fruit dessert with them.

  3. Read about brandied fruits

    Not in the mood to cook or visit a restaurant? That’s okay — you can find plenty of Christmas stories where brandied fruits make a special appearance.

5 Important Facts About Brandied Fruits

  1. Brandy means 'burnt wine'

    The word ‘brandy’ originates from the Dutch word 'brandewijn,' which means 'burnt wine.'

  2. Brandied fruit preparation takes 30 days

    To properly celebrate National Brandied Fruit Day (with your brandied fruit dessert, of course), you would need to begin preparations at least a month in advance.

  3. Brandied fruits make yummy toppings

    Brandied fruits are usually used as topping on pies and ice creams.

  4. Brandy has a high alcohol percentage

    Most brandies have 40% ABV and are usually enjoyed in cocktails or as cooking ingredients.

  5. Brandied fruits must be preserved properly

    Make sure to use a container with a tightly fitted cap, then store fruits in a dark place, away from sunlight, to avoid fungus or bacteria.

Why We Love National Brandied Fruit Day

  1. Because it’s delicious

    Even the name brandied fruit sounds delicious. It’s a dish you should try at least once in your lifetime, and this day is the perfect opportunity!

  2. We all need warmth in the winters

    Because of its high ABV, brandy is an effective vasodilator; it warms you up fast. What better way to spend cold winter evenings?

  3. Sweets bring people closer

    We all can do with a little extra sweetness in our lives. Brandied fruits can help you reach out to that old friend you don’t talk to anymore or a neighbor you’re curious about.

National Brandied Fruit Day dates

2024October 20Sunday
2025October 20Monday
2026October 20Tuesday
2027October 20Wednesday
2028October 20Friday

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