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SunOct 20

World Statistics Day – October 20, 2024

World Statistics Day falls on October 20 every five years, which means every half a decade, statistics about our lives and related things are examined and discussed for better decision-making for the times to come. The day was established in 2010 by the United Nations Statistical Commission to put a spotlight on the importance of statistics and the significance of academic research on the development of civil society and business.

History of World Statistics Day

We observe this day to acknowledge the significance of statistics in our lives. You might wonder how exactly statistics impact your life, and the answer is right in front of you. Be it healthcare, law, finance, science, education, or spending habits, statistics make us aware of facts and reveal important information in the language of numbers.

Everything concerned with our daily lives, including how we grow up, start families, work in our chosen industries, and decide where to live, can be studied and examined under statistics. These statistics are used by the government and other agencies to help plan for the years ahead. Professionals such as mathematicians, city planners, enterprises, digital marketers, and social scientists also rely heavily on statistics for their decision-making process. These figures give us hard and real facts and, to a large extent, eliminate other subjective factors that influence decision-making. Statistics constantly impact how countries and governments select and trade resources.

Officially, World Statistics Day raises awareness regarding the accomplishments of statistics that were founded on the core values of service, professionalism, and integrity in 2010. The Statistics Division of the United Nations Department of Economic Affairs has been in charge of planning and coordinating this global campaign ever since. This international day only occurs every five years, with the next celebration scheduled for 2025, which is due in three years. Reliable and well-timed statistics are indicators of a country’s progress. It is probably the reason behind the decision to observe World Statistics Day every half a decade, giving countries, their people, and the world an opportunity to grow, adapt, and produce quality statistics through the way they choose to live.

World Statistics Day timeline

A Commission for Statistics

The United Nations Statistical Commission is established in New York City.

Fundamental Principles Established

The Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics is adopted by the United Nations Statistical Commission.

More Meetings, Please

The United Nations Statistical Commission decides to meet every year going forward.

It’s Official

World Statistics Day is officially established at the United Nations Statistical Commission’s 41st session in February to be celebrated in October with the theme "Celebrating the many achievements of official statistics.”

World Statistics Day FAQs

What was the theme for World Statistics Day in 2020?

In 2020, the theme for World Statistics Day was ‘Connecting the world with data we can trust,’ to reflect on the importance of trust, authoritative data, and innovation in the national statistical systems. It was the third occurrence of World Statistics Day.

Who invented statistics?

The invention of statistics is often credited to John Graunt and William Petty, who developed early human statistical and census methods in 1662, that laid the groundwork for modern demography.

Who were some of the best statisticians in the world?

There have been many noteworthy statisticians throughout history, but some do stand out, like Florence Nightingale, who is considered a pioneer in the visual representation of statistics. Another important statistics figure is John Tukey, who was responsible for coining well-known terms used in computer science today.

How to Observe World Statistics Day

  1. Read statistical reports

    Statistical reports are produced by a wide range of industries for public consumption that you can access. These reports cover a variety of topics and provide valuable data and analysis.

  2. Write down the frequency of usage

    Do you wake up and check the weather? This is just one of the ways in which we make use of statistics in our daily lives. Grab a notebook and jot down every time you make use of statistics in your chores throughout the day.

  3. Take a statistics quiz

    Quizzes can be a fun way to understand and learn new information or something you don’t feel is particularly exciting. Take part in a statistical quiz and become part of something that may change how you do things.

5 Unbelievable Statistics

  1. America tops in trash

    Every day, the average American generates nearly 4.5 pounds of trash.

  2. The majority of society have dirty hands

    Only 19% of people worldwide wash their hands after going to the washroom.

  3. Substandrard literacy

    More than 36 million adults in the United States cannot read, write, or do basic mathematics above a third-grade level.

  4. Most millennials are not saving

    Almost 95% of millennials have no retirement savings.

  5. Americans love avocados

    Americans consume around 4.25 billion avocados every year.

Why World Statistics Day is Important

  1. It helps plan for the future

    Statistics are precious when it comes to long-term planning for the future of cities and countries. We would be lost without statistics, as they influence decisions that impact millions to billions of people.

  2. It shows us how we live

    When we observe World Statistics Day, we consciously research and look up relevant data. This information is fascinating and can inform us in ways that lead to changing how we do things.

  3. It honors populations and people

    Statistics analyze even the simplest of things about people and churn out interesting and relevant facts that greatly help in planning and decision-making at a micro and macro levels. World Statistics Day honors the role and significance of statistics.

World Statistics Day dates

2024October 20Sunday
2025October 20Monday
2026October 20Tuesday
2027October 20Wednesday
2028October 20Friday

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