World Osteoporosis Day – October 20, 2019

Sun Oct 20

Bone health is important at any age, so it’s important to spread the word about World Osteoporosis Day on October 20. Take this day to learn about all the essential actions you can start to take — right now!— to build a set of healthy bones. World Osteoporosis Day is less a time to think about getting older, but instead to celebrate good health and educate yourself and others about the value of taking care of your body and protecting your bones and muscles from disabling and life-threatening fractures. Understanding your risk is half the battle and World Osteoporosis Day is an excellent time to learn more about your body and how to keep it at its healthiest!

How to Observe World Osteoporosis Day

  1. Put on your whites

    To celebrate and bring awareness to World Osteoporosis Day, make sure to wear all white in honor of the occasion. Wearing all white is one way to draw some attention to the day and start a conversation with someone about it. Even if it’s just because they wanted to let you know you dropped something on your shirt.

  2. Get healthy

    A major part of celebrating World Osteoporosis Day is keeping your body in check. See your doctor to get tested for osteoporosis risk factors, eat healthily and take your vitamins, and start an exercise routine to help your body stay strong and fracture free.

  3. Spread the word

    World Osteoporosis Day doesn’t work if you keep it to yourself. Make sure you tell others about how important bone health is through social media, conversation, or even a blog post about your own experiences. Helping others understand their risk will give everyone the opportunity to live their healthiest lives!

Why World Osteoporosis Day is Important

  1. Understanding your risk is key

    Understanding what Osteoporosis is may be one thing, but what’s really important here is just how well you understand how at risk you may be. Using World Osteoporosis Day to discuss your risk factors is one of the many reasons why acknowledging this day makes a big difference.

  2. Getting tested can save a life

    Using World Osteoporosis Day to get tested means you’re being proactive about your health, which is a great start! There are tons of ways to protect yourself against osteoporosis, including medications and diet changes. Use this day to talk to professionals about the best way to strengthen your body or to begin treatments if necessary.

  3. Start strong, live strong

    Use World Osteoporosis Day to learn about what it takes to live a strong, healthy life inside and out! Things like good nutrition, strength exercises, and staying active are imperative in the fight against not just osteoporosis, but living your best life.

World Osteoporosis Day dates
2019October 20Sunday
2020October 20Tuesday
2021October 20Wednesday
2022October 20Thursday
2023October 20Friday