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MonApr 29

National Peace Rose Day – April 29, 2024

National Peace Rose Day is on April 29 and today we honor and celebrate this hybrid tea rose. These light-yellow or cream-colored flowers have petals with flushed crimson-pink edges. Not only are they beautiful but they are known to be hardy, vigorous, and highly resistant to disease.

History of National Peace Rose Day

Francis Meilland, a French horticulturist, developed the Peace rose by crossing a hybridized tea rose known as the Margaret McGredy rose with another seedling. He named the rose Madame A. Meilland, after his late mother.

However, before the German invasion of France, Meilland sent the cuttings of the rose to his friends in Italy, Turkey, Germany, and the United States to protect the new flower. It is in these different countries that the rose was given other names. The official name for the rose in France is still “Madame A. Meilland”, in honor of the breeder’s mother. In Italy, it was given the name ‘Gioia,’ meaning ‘joy.’ In Germany, it was called ‘Gloria Dei,’ meaning ‘glory to God.’ In the United States, it was named the Peace rose.

In the United States, Robert Pyle of the Conard Pyle Company, based in Pennsylvania, gave it its American name in 1945. While the war raged on in Europe, Pyle cultivated the rose and sent the samples to the American Rose Society for review. After Germany left France, he contacted Meilland and informed him that the rose would be introduced to the American public as the war ended. The name ‘Peace’ was given to the rose by Pyle in honor of the impending global peace. These roses were given to each delegate at the inaugural United Nations meeting in 1945 in honor of Germany’s surrender.

It is since then that National Peace Rose day is celebrated to mark the day that this rose received its American name and the symbolism behind it.

National Peace Rose Day timeline

The Invention of the Peace Rose

French horticulturist Francis Meilland develops the Peace Rose in France by mixing different breeds of roses.

Peace Rose at the United Nations

Peace roses are given to delegates at the inaugural meeting of the United Nations with a note that reads: “We hope the Peace rose will influence men’s thoughts for everlasting world peace.

Rose Hall of Fame

The Peace rose is chosen as the World’s Favorite Rose and gets inducted into the Rose Hall of Fame.

One Million Plants Sold

The Peace rose sells in quantities of over a million and gains more popularity.

National Peace Rose Day FAQs

Does the Peace rose have a scent?

Yes, the Peace rose has a very sweet and fruity scent that can range from mild to strong. 

Is the Peace rose extremely popular?

Yes, the Peace rose has gained significant popularity over the years and even won awards such as gold medals in Lyon (1942), Portland (1944), and The Hague (1965) and was named the Most Beautiful French Rose in Lyon (1942) and World’s Favorite Rose (1976). It was included in the All-America Rose Selection in 1944.

How big does a Peace rose grow?

The Peace rose can grow up to five or six feet tall and has large foliage with big multi-petaled flowers that are up to five inches across when fully opened.

How to Observe National Peace Rose Day

  1. Plant your own rose

    What better way to celebrate Peace Rose Day than sharing the love and peace amongst your friends and family? Why not send them a Peace rose plant as a gift? Or plant it in your own home and see it grow and blossom.

  2. Visit a rose garden

    Why not spend Peace Rose Day in a rose garden? Visit a nearby rose garden or a nursery that houses roses and spend time with these beautiful flowers. They will instantly uplift your mood.

  3. Read a book about roses

    You can even indulge in some reading about roses such as “Roses” by Peter Beales. In fact, in his book he even states that the Peace rose is without a doubt, the finest hybrid tea rose ever cultivated and will remain a standard variety forever.

5 Facts About Roses That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. World’s oldest rose

    The world’s oldest rose is believed to be 1,000 years old and grows on the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany.

  2. World’s most expensive rose

    Juliet, a 2006 variety of rose by renowned rose breeder David Austin is the world’s most expensive rose, and breeding it amounted to $5 million.

  3. Tallest rose

    Roses, in general, can grow quite tall and the tallest rose ever recorded stands at over 23 feet tall.

  4. Long lifespan of roses

    Roses are known to have a rather long life span and, interestingly, there are rose fossils that were discovered that date back 35 million years.

  5. No black roses

    While there are a plethora of colors available in roses, there are no black roses, and if there are roses that look black, they’re actually a dark red.

Why National Peace Rose Day is Important

  1. It encapsulates life and history

    The Peace rose was sent off to different parts of the world during the Second World War for its protection and thus it makes us remember and honor our history

  2. It promotes peace

    The rose was literally named after the impending global peace and thus this day marks a day of harmony and peace. You can offer a Peace rose plant to your nearest and dearest and manifest peaceful energy.

  3. Roses are beautiful

    Roses are an absolutely beautiful flower and they also promote and symbolize love. The Peace rose, which looks exotic with its crimson-pink edges, can make anyone fall in love with it and evoke a sense of calm.

National Peace Rose Day dates

2024April 29Monday
2025April 29Tuesday
2026April 29Wednesday
2027April 29Thursday
2028April 29Saturday

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