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National Supply Chain Day – April 29, 2025

National Supply Chain Day is celebrated on April 29 every year to mark the binding importance of the global supply chain in the everyday lives of people. National Supply Chain Day brings all stakeholders together to share recent developments in the field. Introduced in 2020 by a Georgia-based packaging outlet, this holiday aims to raise awareness about the way a supply chain affects all of us, and how we can be better partners and benefactors of the global supply chain management system.

History of National Supply Chain Day

A century before the formalization, the supply chains were restricted to local regions. As the Industrial Revolution began, the use of railroads added to the distance of distribution. It wasn’t until the late 1950s that the concept of transportation management gained prominence as an important aspect of operating a scaled business.

The rampant globalization and technological revolution of the 1990s charted global supply chain management as an indispensable industry with millions of stakeholders. In the last 30 years, the supply chain has evolved from being an amalgam of various sub-specialties to a distinctive and globally valued industry. Today, you can major in supply chain management and build your career in the field. The scattered links of the industry are finally coming together under an umbrella, intending to develop devoted talent from the start. The emergence of machine learning and artificial intelligence has also brought forward a tremendous change in the way operations unfold in the industry.

National Supply Chain Day emphasizes our dependence on this industry. The central tagline of the observation is “Every link in the supply chain matters,” which conveys the importance of multiple channels and workers at all levels of the supply chain who keep the goods moving. The word ‘link’ also signifies the underlying importance of our interconnected and interlinked world. A missing link in a supply chain can hamper the entire operation and jeopardize businesses across the world, which later impacts all of us.

National Supply Chain Day timeline

The Invention of Supply Chains

The early versions of global supply chains take shape and the Union Postal Service becomes a key player in the business.

Computerization and Innovation

IBM develops the first computerized forecasting and inventory management system, and the government brings the supply chain under the purview of the National Council of Physical Distribution Management.

The Term is Coined

British logistician Keith Oliver coins the term “supply chain management.”

The Day is Established

Packaging and production giant Georgia-Pacific declares April 29 as National Supply Chain Day.

National Supply Chain Day FAQs

What are the basic steps of supply chain management?

The five basic steps of supply chain management are plan, source, make, deliver, and return.

What is a supply chain?

A supply chain is the collaborative organization performance of vendors and suppliers to ensure the safe and timely movement of goods from one port to another.

When was the first supply chain launched?

The first successful implementation of a supply chain was done by Ford to consistently produce goods on a large scale.

National Supply Chain Day Activities

  1. Show your appreciation

    The supply chain consists of thousands of workers who man the dock, pack the goods, work out the logistics, and safeguard the shipping until it reaches its intended hands. On National Supply Chain Day, we show our appreciation to the thankless warriors whose diligent work keeps us linked with the world.

  2. Reimagine the supply chain

    The supply chain is the leading cause of environmental hazards and the biggest contributor to carbon emissions. As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, our processes must reflect the sustainable approach to supply and demand. On April 29, raise your voice and share your ideas about building a sustainable and environment-friendly global supply chain.

  3. Share the love

    Honor the profession by sharing a personal story about the importance of the supply chain in your life. Post the significance of the ‘missing link’ on your social media with the hashtag #NationalSupplyChainDay.

5 Incredible Facts About The Global Supply Chain

  1. It’s a billion-dollar industry

    In the U.S., the supply chain and logistics industry are valued at nearly $16 billion.

  2. Disruptions

    The leading cause of global supply chain disruption is the unplanned I.T. outage.

  3. A race towards sustainability

    70% of customers are ready to pay more for goods made and shipped via sustainable means.

  4. It’s mostly a gamble

    U.S. retail operations’ average supply chain accuracy stands at just 63%.

  5. It’s bad for the environment

    90% of a business’ ecological footprint is due to the supply chain.

Why We Love National Supply Chain Day

  1. It’s an expression of gratitude

    National Supply Chain Day celebrates the heroes we are all dependent on. The fast-paced globalization of the world is built on the work-horse of an average shipment worker — who toils day and night to ensure the uninterrupted working of the supply chain. On April 29, we celebrate their valiant efforts and offer our gratitude for their service.

  2. It affects you too

    The central message behind the observation is to point out the substantial connection that we all have with the supply chain. There’s a good chance that the phone you are scrolling, the pasta you are making, and the T.V. you are ignoring have been assembled internationally, and delivered to your doorstep via the supply chain.

  3. Supply chain management is paramount

    From poor logistics to the lack of trained manpower, several issues are plaguing the world supply chain, and it is essential to bring awareness to the crisis. On National Supply Chain Day, we pass the mic to the workers and elevate their platform.

National Supply Chain Day dates

2025April 29Tuesday
2026April 29Wednesday
2027April 29Thursday
2028April 29Saturday
2029April 29Sunday

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