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We Jump The World Day – April 29, 2025

We Jump The World Day is celebrated on April 29 every year. This holiday is about the art of parkour, also known as free-running, and the impact it has on people who practice it. We Jump The World Day was first celebrated in 2016 by Team Farang, a clothing brand inspired by parkour. Here’s what the brand said: “We Jump the World [Day] is all about going out with your crew, or by yourself, and doing Parkour. All around the world and at the same time!” The holiday places a strong emphasis on belongingness among the parkour community worldwide.

History of We Jump The World Day

Parkour began in the 1990s, on the outskirts of Paris, France. David Belle initially developed freerunning according to his understanding of the ‘art of movement’ as taught to him by his father, who was a firefighter. During his teenage years, Belle and his friends practiced parkour jumping and climbing over such structures as stairs, barriers, and walls all across the city. Belle’s art of movement involved utilizing structures in ways that weren’t part of their original purposes. Parkour was later popularized through films such as “B13,” featuring Belle himself. Sporting events across the globe further helped the art form reach more people.

The training discipline has its roots in the military obstacle courses, and it involves running, climbing, swinging, rolling, plyometrics, etc. The sport is about getting from point A to point B, despite the many obstacles on the way, in the most fluid way possible. Though parkour can be either a solitary or group activity, a certain community spirit has been formed among its practitioners.

We Jump The World Day timeline

Parkour is Born

The art form parkour is established by David Belle.

The First Parkour Show

The Yamakasi (Belle’s first group) performs at a firefighter show.

The Split

Belle splits from the Yamakasi and begins practicing parkour on his own.

The First We Jump the World Day

Team Farang announces the first-ever We Jump the World Day.

We Jump The World Day FAQs

Is parkour a martial art?

It is not.

Is parkour still a thing?

It is. In fact, parkour saw a boost in popularity during the pandemic.

Where is the birthplace of parkour?

Lisses, in the suburbs of Paris, France.

We Jump The World Day Activities

  1. Watch parkour performances

    Parkour is visually dazzling. Spend the day watching a few parkour performances.

  2. Watch “B13” featuring David Belle

    “B13” is a movie about parkour, featuring the founder of the discipline. Give it a watch today!

  3. Watch “Dragon Ball”

    Belle was inspired by “Dragon Ball, ” a Japanese franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. Consider giving this classic anime a watch.

5 Interesting Facts About Parkour

  1. Acrobatics vs. parkour

    Acrobatics is not parkour, because the former is not the most efficient way of moving through or over an obstacle.

  2. Parkour Jam

    Parkour Jam was the first meeting of parkour practitioners in 2002.

  3. Parkour as a sport

    The U.K. was the first country to consider parkour a sport.

  4. Free running

    Free running is an off-shoot of parkour that involves acrobatics.

  5. Traceur

    A parkour practitioner is called a ‘traceur.’

Why We Love We Jump The World Day

  1. It’s an opportunity to learn the sport

    Parkour is fascinating. We Jump The World Day is a perfect occasion to learn the sport.

  2. Parkour has changed many lives

    Parkour may seem like a lot of pointless running and jumping. But behind it is a philosophy that has changed hundreds of lives.

  3. It’s an excuse to watch classic films

    Parkour finds its roots in classic anime, manga, and martial arts films. We Jump The World Day is a perfect excuse to watch a few.

We Jump The World Day dates

2025April 29Tuesday
2026April 29Wednesday
2027April 29Thursday
2028April 29Saturday
2029April 29Sunday

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