International Dance Day – April 29, 2019

Mon Apr 29

International Dance Day was created in 1982 by the international dance council to highlight the amazing diversity and talent of dancers all over the globe. Dancing happens in almost every society throughout history for as long as we know. Are you a fan of dance? Well, Apr. 29, is your day to start out on your dance journey.

International Dance Day - Survey Results


FULL RANKING OF AMERICA’S FAVORITE TYPES OF DANCE #1: Hip hop (40%) #2: Ballroom (13%) #3: Swing (13%) #4: Latin (e.g. salsa, tango, etc.) (12%) #5: Belly dancing (7%) #6: Ballet (5%) #7: Traditional folk or indigenous dancing (African, Irish, Chinese, etc.) (5%) #8: Tap (4%) #9: Bollywood (2%) FULL RANKING OF AMERICA’S FAVORITE DANCERS OF ALL TIME #1: Michael Jackson (24%) #2: Channing Tatum (12%) #3: Fred Astaire (9%) #4: Shakira (9%) #5: The dancers on Dancing With the Stars (6%) #6: Beyonce (6%) #7: Gene Kelly (5%) #8: Paula Abdul (5%) #9: Chris Brown (4%) #10: Madonna (3%) #11: James Brown (2%) #12: Other (15%) FULL RANKING OF AMERICA’S FAVORITE DANCE MOVIES #1: Dirty Dancing (26%) #2: Footloose (13%) #3: Grease (13%) #4: Step Up (9%) #5: Happy Feet (7%) #6: Magic Mike (7%) #7: Save the Last Dance (6%) #8: Saturday Night Fever (5%) #9: West Side Story (5%) #10: Flashdance (3%) #11: Black Swan (3%) #12: Shall We Dance (2%) #13: Billy Elliot (1%) #14: Center Stage (1%)

International Dance Day Activities

  1. Take a brand new type of dance class

    Have you ever tried Tango? How about Zambian dance? What about Lindy Hop? Do you not dance at all? Don't worry beginner classes are very forgiving; you can do it! you'll be sure to meet some interesting people and have a blast. Even if you already take dance classes today is your day to broaden your horizons! Try one in a style you've never tried before.

  2. Attend a local performance of a type of dance you've never seen

    Have you always wanted to attend a Japanese Noh performance, a Thai dance performance or maybe a flamenco performance? Some of these performances feature amazing costumes, bright colors, and amazing sets. Totally worth making a date of it with either friends or your significant other. Search online for your local international dance performances in your area.

  3. Throw your own dance party

    Bring dancing into your home (along with your friends and some food)! Make it a goal to learn a famous routine you and your friends always wanted to learn, get some snacks ready and que up youtube and get to practicing. Or make your dance party a more open ended and just make a playlist and get the freestyle dancing going.

Why We Love International Dance Day

  1. It's fun and gives you confidence

    Did you know dancing can help to increase feelings of self-worth! In a 2007 study, researchers found that children aged between 11 and 14 who took creative movement classes reported improved self-esteem, motivation, and more positive attitudes. So boost your confidence and get your groove on!

  2. It can help your brain

    Just five minutes of dancing can increase your creativity, according to a study from York Universities. Study participants were asked to either dance, bicycle or sit quietly listening to music, and the dancers showed improvements in both mood and creative problem-solving! So get out of your chair and do a little dance for your brain. In addition, a major study added to the growing evidence that stimulating one's mind by dancing can ward off Alzheimer's disease and other dementia too!

  3. It's good exercise

    Hate going to the gym? That's ok, there are ways to work in your cardio without running like a hamster on the treadmill. In a one-hour session of dancing, you can burn from 250 to 400 calories! And you'll never get bored of your workout: there is an unending supply of dance moves from dances from all over the planet, once you get the basics down, a whole world of options will open up to you.