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National Centenarian's Day
SunSep 22

National Centenarian's Day – September 22, 2024

National Centenarian’s Day is observed annually on September 22. It is a day set aside to celebrate and honor those who have reached the age of 100. The day was originally proclaimed as a time to partake in the rich history and wisdom shared by centenarians. Listening to their life stories is ever so inspiring, and this is one day to be cherished by everyone to honor those among us who have seen a century go by.

History of National Centenarian's Day

Over the years, the human population and life expectancy have increased with a corresponding increase in the number of people who attain the age of 100. According to the United Nations, there are over 570,000 centenarians in the world currently. According to a 1998 demographic survey, Japan is expected to have 272,000 centenarians by 2050, with other sources suggesting the number could be much higher.

National Centenarian’s Day is a day to celebrate and honor those among us who have lived an entire century and to share in their wisdom, joys, and life as a whole. These precious members of society have seen the tragedies of the Great Depression and World Wars, the advent of the talking picture, the golden age of the radio and the invention of television, innovation of air travel, all the way to the exploration of space and the digital revolution — all in one lifetime.

Many cultures offer blessings and some countries give gifts to those who attain this age. Centenarians are often the subject of news stories, which often highlight the fact that they are over 100 years old. These reports provide cultural historians and researchers with deep insight into how the rest of society views this elderly population.

Centenarians will always be with us at each point in history, and all the memories of the lives they’ve lived will continue to live on when passed down.

National Centenarian's Day timeline

2500 B.C.
Emergence of Centenarians

People begin to reach the age of 100 after the world population has risen to about 100 million.

19th Century
The Term ‘Supercentenarian’ Comes into Existence

Those who have reached the age of 110 begin to be addressed as supercentenarians.

20th Century
National Centenarian's Day is Born

Williamsport Nursing Home establishes a day to celebrate centenarians.

21st Century
The Day is Popular and Observed

National Centenarian's Day gains popularity and is held all around the country.

National Centenarian's Day FAQs

Where is the highest concentration of centenarians?

Okinawa, Japan is known to have the highest number of centenarians living within it, all numbering between 340-400 per million people.

What U.S. state has the most 100 year olds?

Generally, the most populated states will have the most centenarians. Hence, California has the largest number of centenarians.

How can I live up to 100?

Eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, love, prioritize your peace and happiness. These among many others are the right steps towards attaining a long and full age.

How To Celebrate and Participate in National Centenarian's Day

  1. Bring centenarians together for a chat

    Whether physically or virtually, get some centenarians together and have them share from their deep wells of wisdom. There’s no telling how much help the lessons learned will be for you.

  2. Create collections of things related to a centenarian you know

    Pictures, songs, facts, and stories are among some of the items and things you can gather from the aged on this day. Go out and get as many of them as you can. They will surely be glad to share.

  3. Host a party for centenarians

    They may be old, but not necessarily too old for parties. Organize a party with some good old music, food, and activities that will interest 100 year olds. Their hearts will be gladdened and so will yours.

5 Facts About Supercentenarians

  1. It’s living for a century and a decade

    A supercentenarian is someone who has reached the age of 110.

  2. Rare among centenarians

    This age is achieved by about one in 1,000 centenarians.

  3. The world has only a handful of them

    It is estimated that there should be between 300 and 450 living supercentenarians in the world.

  4. The first was Dutch

    The first verified supercentenarian in human history was Dutchman Geert Adriaans Boomgaard who lived from 1788 to 1899.

  5. U.S. has most of them

    The United States has the highest total number of supercentenarians.

Why We Love National Centenarian's Day

  1. Centenarians are a huge treasure

    With all the years of experiences and lessons behind them, centenarians are precious members of society. Even though they’re very old, they are still very valuable.

  2. They help us value history more

    When tales of past events are being told by someone who was around when it happened, it helps us have much appreciation for the events that have brought things to where they are now.

  3. We partake of their pure joy

    The gentle smile of a 100 year old is so endearing. It alone can stir up your heart and infuse in you a certain joy like nothing else. This day helps us see as many of those smiles as we can.

National Centenarian's Day dates

2024September 22Sunday
2025September 22Monday
2026September 22Tuesday
2027September 22Wednesday
2028September 22Friday

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