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SunSep 22

Dear Diary Day – September 22, 2024

Dear Diary Day is held on September 22 each year and it is aimed at celebrating the way diaries help us get our thoughts out and document our lives. Do you know that diaries have been in use by humans for over 2,000 years? They are notebooks that provide listening ears for all we have to say. Diaries can include anything and everything, from the everyday trivial things like getting stuck in traffic to your most secret secrets.

History of Dear Diary Day

Diaries have been kept for generations. They include thoughts, daily adventures, secrets, and hopes for the future. The word ‘diary’ comes from ‘diarium’ meaning daily allowance, which relates to notetaking of daily activities.

The oldest diaries still in existence come from Middle Eastern and East Asian cultures. The earliest surviving diary of this era was that of Ibn Banna’ in the 11th century. His diary is the earliest known to be arranged in order of date, very much like modern diaries.

Over the years. These preserved records have provided historians with important insights into what life and culture was like for previous generations of people, and created a deep appreciation for the past human eras.

The origins of Dear Diary Day may be uncertain, some believing it was by Thomas and Ruth Roy at, the thought of celebrating a constant listening ear that wouldn’t judge one is only fitting. A diary is willing to pay equal attention to the events of every life, whether it is that of someone already famous or a person who expresses their dream to be. It deals with felt hurts, injured egos, failed plans, and future hopes without argument or advice, yet somehow providing comfort and satisfaction.

The precursors of the modern-day diary include daily notes of medieval mystics, concerned mostly with inward emotions and outward events perceived as spiritually important.

Dear Diary Day timeline

200 A.D.
A Roman Emperor with a Diary

Emperor Marcus Aurelius keeps a diary in Greek.

14th Century
Diary in the Renaissance

People begin to record their personal opinions and express themselves in diaries.

The Earliest Use of the Word ‘Diary’

A book in which a daily record was written in Ben Jonson’s Comedy ‘Volpone’ is referred to as a diary.

Dairy is Made Portable

The Smythson company creates the first featherweight diary, enabling diaries to be carried about.

Dear Diary Day FAQs

Why do we write ‘Dear diary’?

Using the word ‘dear’ gives a personal sense of communication with someone, hence making the diary come alive.

What do I write on the first page of my diary?

There is no rule here. It’s yours, so write whatever it is you feel in the moment you are set to, noting the day and time.

Should I name my diary?

Naming your diary gives it a stronger presence and makes it come alive. Considering this, it is a good idea to name yours.

How To Celebrate and Participate in Dear Diary Day

  1. Start your diary

    This day is a good one to begin a diary of your own. Get your choice notebook and start penning down those thoughts whose memories you’ll like to keep always.

  2. Explore published diaries of other people

    There are lots of published diaries of notable people as well as everyday people. You can read up on some of them for free online or purchase them, to get insight and learn a thing or two from them.

  3. Join a book club to read diary entries

    Become part of a book club and do something different from the traditional book reading. Read up selected diaries together with your peers and enjoy the delight of learning from other people’s perspectives.

5 Facts About Diaries That Were Published

  1. Samuel Pepys’ diary is published

    Pepys’ diary is the earliest diary known to be published in 1825.

  2. It contains historical events

    Pepys’ diary contained eyewitness accounts of major events like the Great Plague and the Fire of London.

  3. Posthumous publication

    The practice of publishing a diary after the death of the writer began in the 19th century.

  4. Literary figures are not left out

    Among notable diaries by 20th-century literary figures are those of Franz Kafka, Edmund Wilson, and Paul Léautaud.

  5. Online diaries

    People now publish their diaries on the internet to be shared with the world.

Why We Love Dear Diary Day

  1. Diaries help us preserve cherished memories

    The faintest ink, they say, is better than the sharpest memory. With a diary, you can be sure to have those precious memories well preserved through time — especially now that you can keep a digital format.

  2. They help others connect to us

    All our struggles and joys as humans through life are similar. Through a diary, people can relate with and connect to us, as with one another.

  3. They help us learn lessons from the life of others

    Through the written personal experiences of people, we can learn important lessons that can help us make wiser decisions when faced with a similar situation. They can in a similar way, learn from ours.

Dear Diary Day dates

2024September 22Sunday
2025September 22Monday
2026September 22Tuesday
2027September 22Wednesday
2028September 22Friday

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