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International Day of Radiant Peace
SunSep 22

International Day of Radiant Peace – September 22, 2024

International Day of Radiant Peace is observed on September 22 annually. It is a day where we get to spread awareness about Radiant Peace and promote peace projects around the world. On this day, people are inspired to reflect deeply and realize the Radiant Peace that lies within us all, which transcends the limits of age, gender, race, and religion.

History of International Day of Radiant Peace

International Day of Radiant Peace is a day set aside for people to reflect or meditate individually, or come together to participate in an event. The holiday celebrates the concept of Radiant Peace which refers to a peace within everyone that is pure, whole, and benevolent energy that relates to everyone and connects us all.

This holiday was created by the Radiant Peace Foundation International Inc. on June 22, in the year 1999. The date has, however, since been moved and is now observed annually on September 22. Radiant Peace Foundation International. Inc. is an educational nonprofit founded in 1986 based in Petersburg, Florida, and was formed for just one purpose — promoting radiant peace in the world.

The first proclamation was created by David J. Fischer, Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida. In subsequent years, cities throughout the United States and in England, Romania, and Ireland made official proclamations of The International Day of Radiant Peace.

Among the activities carried out to honor this day is a special celebration at the International Museum of Radiant Peace. The museum is the first and only museum solely dedicated to promoting radiant peace. Also, many universities and churches worldwide ring bells in honor of this special day.

International Day of Radiant Peace timeline

Radiant Peace Foundation is Founded

The organization that will eventually create the International Day of Radiant Peace is formed.

Radiant Peace Education Awards

Children in grades one to 12 are encouraged to submit projects based on the message of Radiant Peace to get awards.

The Day is Declared

David J. Fischer, the mayor of Petersburg makes the proclamation.

21st Century
Radiant Peace Day is Mainstream

People all over the world are familiar with and continue to observe the holiday.

International Day of Radiant Peace FAQs

How is the Radiant Peace Foundation funded?

Through donations from individuals and a few corporate bodies, the foundation has been able to execute projects.

Who can participate in The Radiant Peace Education Awards?

The awards are open to all students between the ages of 5 and 19. Asides from school students, from youth groups, Brownie and Girl Scout troops have the opportunity to participate.

How can I do a Radiant Peace Project?

It’s quite easy. Simply come up with an idea on how to spread Radiant Peace, and back it up with action.

How To Celebrate and Participate in International Day of Radiant Peace

  1. Go for a walk for Radiant Peace

    This is a good day to take a long and refreshing walk to experience nature. You can walk in the woods, by a lake or stream, and any soothing walk that can help you relax, reflect and bask in peace.

  2. Start a list of ways to express Radiant Peace in the world

    Think of interesting and impactful ways you can express and spread the message of radiant peace in the world. Write down the ideas you come up with and share them via all the platforms you can.

  3. Have a Radiant Peace picnic or party

    Gather people across various age groups and together, have conversations on how to promote radiant peace around yourselves and the world at large, while enjoying good music, food, and other fun activities.

5 Facts About International Day Of Radiant Peace

  1. It started as a personal mission

    David J. Fischer racesreligionsculturesFischeragesrsburg had a personal desire to see the world filled with radiant peace

  2. It grew into an organization

    Together with like-minded fellows, he established the foundation.

  3. It has a museum

    The organization has a museum that features interactive displays and award-winning projects from adults and children around the world.

  4. It has completed projects globally

    Several peace projects have been completed around the world across all age groups.

  5. It offers light to many

    The foundation has been active for over two decades and has helped many come to enjoy inner peace.

Why We Love International Day of Radiant Peace

  1. It brings out the best in us

    When we express Radiant Peace, our lives flourish. By participating in activities that enhance radiant peace, we become better people overall.

  2. It unites us through our shared peace

    Radiant Peace is something we all have on the inside. By carrying out activities to discover it with others, people of different races, religions, cultures, and ages are united.

  3. It provides an avenue to help one another

    Through our words and actions taken at the events of Radiant Peace, we can help one another to get out of despair, have hope, and ultimately become healthier as a people.

International Day of Radiant Peace dates

2024September 22Sunday
2025September 22Monday
2026September 22Tuesday
2027September 22Wednesday
2028September 22Friday

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