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MonJul 15

National Get Out of the Dog House Day – July 15, 2024

National Get Out of the Dog House Day is observed on the third Monday of every July, on July 19 this year. ‘In the doghouse’ is an idiom that people (often men) use to express that they are in trouble with their significant other. It is also used to describe being the cause of someone’s anger. Basically, ‘being in the doghouse’ is not where a person wants to be

History of National Get Out of the Dog House Day

Everyone at some point in their life has faced anger, an emotional state that involves an uncomfortable response to a perceived provocation. People who experience anger often experience the physical effects of it, such as an accelerated heart rate, high blood pressure, and increased stress levels. Anger is the result of a person’s conscious decision to respond to a particular situation. However, sometimes it is just human nature to instantly feel anger towards situations that are not pleasant.

When our anger causes conflicts in relationships, it is also necessary to find a way to resolve it and hope to work towards forgiveness. Keeping this in mind, a florist, Heidi Richards Mooney of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, founded National Get Out of the Doghouse Day in 1999 as a unique way to promote her business.

One of the original popular representations of ‘being in the doghouse’ actually came from the early 1900s “Peter Pan” novel that was written by J. M. Barrie. In one of the chapters, Mr. Darling goes out and sleeps in the dog kennel, as he is remorseful for not paying enough attention to his family and allowing his children to be kidnapped. In the early days, most dogs lived outside the house in kennels or doghouses — and if a person was being relegated to the outdoors, it meant something was wrong in family communication.

Thus, if you’re facing some hardships with a loved one currently, National Get Out of the Doghouse Day is your day for a reprieve. Use this day to make amends and try to fix things.

National Get Out of the Dog House Day timeline

Earliest Reference

Thomas Dixon’s ‘The Leopard’s Spots,’ a notorious paean to the Ku Klux Klan, has the earliest reference to being ‘in the doghouse’ as a temporary disgrace.

Idea is Originated

The idea for National Get Out of the Dog House Day comes from the symbolism in “Peter Pan” by J.M Barrie.

The Idiom Becomes Official

J. J. Fintery writes the phrase ‘get out of the dog house’ in print in “Criminalese,” making it an official idiom.

“In The Doghouse” Movie

A British movie “In The Doghouse” is released, based on the concept of being in the doghouse.

National Get Out of the Dog House Day FAQs

What does it mean when someone is in the doghouse?

It is a prepositional phrase that is often used to describe a situation in which one is the subject of the anger of a spouse or romantic partner.

Where did the saying ‘in the doghouse’ come from?

One of the earliest references of being ‘in the doghouse’ appears in the classic children’s novel by J.M. Barrie, “Peter Pan.”

What is National Get Out of the Dog House Day?

It is a day to acknowledge the times when we may have fallen out of favor with or been angry at someone for varying reasons.

National Get Out of the Dog House Day Activities

  1. Forgive someone who is in the doghouse

    Someone may be in the doghouse due to an argument they have had with you for a fault of theirs. Use this day to forgive them and help them get out of the doghouse so you both can lead a resentment-free life going forward.

  2. Apologize face to face

    Fought with someone you care about recently? National Get Out of the Dog House Day can be your cue to apologize to them face to face, which adds a more personal touch rather than a written apology via a letter, text, or email.

  3. Talk to a friend

    Even if there is no anger or ongoing conflict in your life, use this day to talk to a friend. Check in with them and see if they are facing any issues in their life. You can potentially help them work on any anger they’re holding onto or help them get out of the doghouse if they’re in it.

5 Facts About Anger And Forgiveness You Must Know

  1. Anger has a physical component

    Tightness, contraction, and burning are some physical effects one can feel when angry.

  2. Perfectionists are angry

    Perfectionists generally feel angrier than others

  3. Forgiving has benefits

    Practicing forgiveness can give you a great sense of empowerment

  4. Forgiving reduces stress

    Forgiving people and letting go of anger are known to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

  5. Forgiving reduces blood pressure

    Along with the other health benefits, forgiving can also reduce blood pressure and promote a healthy life

Why We Love National Get Out of the Dog House Day

  1. It encourages conflict resolution

    This day encourages us to resolve our conflicts and anger that are causing problems in our relationships with our friends, family, or peers. It is the perfect opportunity to move past them and work towards building a better relationship with the ones we care about.

  2. It promotes acceptance of our faults

    Many times it is difficult for us to accept that the fault that is causing the conflict may be ours. National Get Out of the Dog House Day promotes dealing with the problems and being able to get out of the doghouse.

  3. It enables reconciliations

    Sometimes days, weeks, or even years pass by in which we don’t talk to someone we have some anger towards. The resentment we hold towards someone can be easily resolved through communication and letting go. National Get Out of the Dog House Day enables reconciliation.

National Get Out of the Dog House Day dates

2021July 19Monday
2022July 18Monday
2023July 17Monday
2024July 15Monday
2025July 21Monday

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