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SunJul 21

Guam Liberation Day – July 21, 2024

Guam Liberation Day is celebrated on July 21 every year. It is a day to commemorate the island’s liberation from the Japanese by U.S. Soldiers. In years where July 21 falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday will be a public holiday, and if July 21 falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a public holiday. It is marked as one of Guam’s biggest celebrations as the invasion of the Japanese in World War II brought agony to the people of Guam and remained so for years. Many lives were lost during that period. Guam Liberation day is celebrated to remember those who fought for their freedom and died. Gaum Liberation Day is now celebrated with religious and memorial services, the Liberation queen contest, a carnival, and a parade.

History of Guam Liberation Day

Guam is the largest of the Marianas Islands in the Pacific Ocean and the southernmost. In December 1898, It became a U.S. territory following the aftermath of the Spanish-American War. The U.S. sold the other Marianas Islands to Germany.

During World War II, the Japanese attacked Guam with brutal force in 1941. This lasted for three years before the liberation by the U.S. military came on July 21, 1944. It is Guam’s most significant celebration. It includes festivities such as a Queen contest, a carnival, a fireworks display, and a mile-long parade on Marine Corps Drive in Hagåtña from Adelup to Paseo de Susana. Solemn memorials and visits to massacre sites are also common. The Guam Island Fair Committee organizes it.

The Guam Island Fair presents an opportunity to show off an array of talent, competition, and a chance to socialize. Thousands of people all over the Island of Guam participate by making floats or marching in the parade with the U.S. military. Various ethnic groups, including the Japanese, have participated in the parade to show their love for Guam. A significant part of the celebration is the solemn commemorations at massacre sites in Merizo, Hågat, Yona, and Yigo, as well as the Asan Overlook.

Guam Liberation Day timeline

The Japanese Invasion

The Japanese invade Guam a few days after the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II.

Guam’s Liberation

After years of battles, U.S. troops launch a liberation attack on the Island of Guam.

The First Liberation Queen

Beatrice Blas Calvo Perez is named the first Liberation Queen.

The 50th Anniversary

Over a thousand veterans of the battle are flown to Guam on special tours and honored at special gatherings.

Guam Liberation Day FAQs

Why did the Japanese invade Guam?

Guam had a large amount of agricultural land and was also a good supply base for the Japanese military ships.

What language is spoken in Guam?

The people living in Gaum speak the Chamorro language and English.

What is the main religion in Guam?

The main religion is Roman Catholic.

How to Observe Guam Liberation Day

  1. Visit Guam

    There is no better way to celebrate Guam Liberation Day than being there for the celebration itself. It is usually a fun day that tourists would enjoy.

  2. Watch the celebrations on T.V.

    If you cannot visit Guam, following it live on T.V. is the next best thing. The events are usually broadcasted, so you do not have to miss out on the fun.

  3. Educate others about the battle

    Just like so many others in history, the battle of Guam was a brutal one. However, this should be taught more to bring out empathy in others to ensure things like these do not happen in the World again.

5 Fascinating Facts About Guam

  1. Guam is closer to Asia than America

    Guam sits closer to Eastern Asian countries than it does to America.

  2. It’s culturally diverse

    ‘Chamorros’ (Guam natives) make up 40% of Guam’s residents, 24% are Filipino, 18% identify as several races, 10% are of other Micronesian descent, and 7% are white.

  3. Those born in Guam have American citizenship

    Guam-born citizens have American citizenship as it is an American territory.

  4. U.S. soldiers stationed in Guam

    Guam is home to U.S. Naval Base Guam and the Andersen Air Force Base, housing about 7,000 U.S. soldiers.

  5. Guam recognizes same-sex marriage

    Guam was the first U.S. territory to recognize same-sex marriage on June 5, 2015.

Why Guam Liberation Day is Important

  1. It promotes tourism

    It brings people of different backgrounds and cultures together for a good celebration. This, in turn, generates funds for the country.

  2. It builds social behavior

    With the celebrations that happen on Guam Liberation Day, whoever attends gets an upgrade in social behavior. You get to meet other people with just one goal - to celebrate the day.

  3. It celebrates past heroes

    It celebrates the heroes of the battle of Guam. We should not forget these heroes as they fought for the freedom of Guam, which in turn changed the course of history for Guam.

Guam Liberation Day dates

2024July 21Sunday
2025July 21Monday
2026July 21Tuesday
2027July 21Wednesday
2028July 21Friday

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