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SunJul 21

National Lamington Day – July 21, 2024

National Lamington Day is celebrated on July 21 every year in Australia. This day celebrates a delicious dessert that is loved by people living in the southern hemisphere.

A lamington is a dessert consisting of a buttery, flavorful sponge cake that is covered with chocolate sauce. Lamingtons are covered with coconut shavings or desiccated coconut. The cake is known as the “most Australian cake”. Lamingtons are eaten on special occasions like Australia Day. Since the dessert is popular and important to Australian culture, it was honored with a special day to celebrate it.

History of National Lamington Day

National Lamington Day honors and celebrates a dessert that is an essential part of Australian culture. Lamingtons are eaten throughout the year. However, they are essential on special occasions such as Australia Day.

Lamingtons are also called ‘Lammo’ or ‘Lammos’. They are not only popular in Australia but also in New Zealand. The dessert is believed to have originated in Queensland. Lamingtons are named after either Lord Lamington, who was the governor of Queensland in the late 19th century, or his wife, Lady Lamington.

According to the story associated with the cake, Lord Lamington had unexpected guests who needed to be catered to. Lord Lamington’s chef, Armand Galland, took some of the leftover French vanilla sponge cake and dipped it in chocolate and coconut. The dessert was a hit and the guests asked for the recipe. Another story says that the cake accidentally fell into the chocolate and coconut was then used to make the cake look appealing.

After the cake first appeared, the recipe was spread to Sydney and New Zealand. The recipe then became popular throughout the Southern Hemisphere.

National Lamington Day timeline

The First Lamington Cake

It’s believed Armand Galland makes the cake to serve unexpected guests, or as part of an accident when a sponge cake falls into chocolate.

Lamingtons Reach New Zealand

The recipe for lamington cake spreads throughout Australia and is published in a newspaper in New Zealand.

National Lamington Day is Instituted

The Australian government decides to honor this popular dessert with a special day.

Lamington Announced As a Queensland Icon

As part of the Q150 celebrations, Queensland announces lamingtons as one of the Q150 icons.

National Lamington Day FAQs

Are lamingtons from Australia or New Zealand?

Lamingtons are from Queensland, Australia.

Are lamingtons always made with vanilla cake?

There are variations of the lamington where the cake is strawberry instead of vanilla.

Are lamingtons the national cake of Australia?

Yes, lamingtons are the national cake of Australia.

National Lamington Day Activities

  1. Go on a lamington crawl

    There is no better way to celebrate National Lamington Day than going on a lamington crawl. Visit the best dessert spots in the city and try different lamingtons.

  2. Bake a lamington

    The best thing about lamingtons is how simple they are to bake. Get baking and serve delicious lamingtons for dessert.

  3. Read up about lamingtons

    Lamingtons are an integral part of Australian culture. Take the opportunity to read about lamingtons and learn more about this cultural icon!

5 Facts About Lamingtons That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Lamington drives are common

    People frequently host lamington drives to raise money for charity.

  2. There are many varieties

    From Hungary to Mauritius, there are many variations of the lamington.

  3. Most versions have jam or cream

    While the traditional lamington cakes were just sponge cake rolled in chocolate and coconut, most modern versions are served with cream or jam in between layers.

  4. The recipes never mentioned the inventor

    As the lamington increased in popularity, the recipes published in newspapers never mentioned the name of the inventor or the reason why the cakes were called lamington cakes.

  5. The Guardian Australian ran a hoax story

    As part of the 2014 April Fool’s celebrations, the Guardian decided to claim that the lamington was a variation of the New Zealand cake called the Wellington.

Why We Love National Lamington Day

  1. We love the significance

    Lamingtons are an important part of Australian culture. We love that we can feel connected to our Australian friends when we eat a lamington.

  2. Lamingtons are delicious

    Buttery French vanilla sponge covered in chocolate and coconut is the perfect combination. We love any excuse to eat this cake.

  3. We want to celebrate Australian culture

    Since lamingtons are an important part of Australian culture, we want to eat and celebrate the cake. What better day to them than on National Lamington Day?

National Lamington Day dates

2024July 21Sunday
2025July 21Monday
2026July 21Tuesday
2027July 21Wednesday
2028July 21Friday

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