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WedAug 21

Internet Self-Care Day – August 21, 2024

Internet Self-Care Day is celebrated each year on August 21. This holiday is dedicated to using the internet to find resources that can help you take care of yourself. Many of us are so preoccupied with taking care of others, whether at work or home, that we forget to take care of ourselves. Self-care is described as caring for oneself through practices that promote health and active management of illness when it strikes. There are many ways to regularly practice self-care: through food choices, exercise, sleep, and dental care, for example.

History of Internet Self-Care Day

When we talk about our bubble bath rituals and ‘me time,’ we frequently overlook that self-care has ancient roots and radical history. The term ‘self-care’ was formed or created in the 1950s. It was initially intended to express how institutionalized people could develop a feeling of self-worth via actions of care and preservation. In the 1960s, thanks to civil rights activists, primarily The Black Panther Party, the phrase went from the medical community to the general public. Self-care became famous as a way to combat activist fatigue.

In a 2018 “AFROPUNK” interview, civil rights activist Angela Davis remarked: “For a long time, activists did not necessarily think it mattered to take care of themselves in terms of what they eat, mental self-care, cultural self-care, spiritual self-care.” For example, the famous Ten-Point Program by the Panthers, outlined by cofounders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in 1966, included self-defense as a fundamental component. Consequently, medical racism had gained a greater focus by the time the Ten-Point Program was revised in 1972.

The Black Panther Party’s image as violent warriors arose from a need to protect the health of Black people. The activist Audre Lorde accentuated the interconnection of self-care and civil rights in her book “A Burst of Light: and Other Essays,” which has since become a philosophy for the Black female identity. Today, the self-care market is worth an estimated $10 billion, accounting for a substantial share of the beauty industry.

Internet Self-Care Day timeline

Coining of ‘Self-Care’

The term 'self-care' is created.

The Black Panther Party

The term 'self-care' goes from the medical community to the general public with the Black Panther Party.

Popularization of Self Care

The concept of self-care becomes widely accepted.

Activists Idea of Self-Care

Civil rights activists say that activists don’t think self-care matters to them.

Internet Self-Care Day FAQs

What exactly does self-care entail?

Taking stock of your own needs, aspirations, health, and successes is part of self-care, as is taking time to nourish and nurture all of who you are.

What are some self-care examples?

Increasing your physical activity Planning healthy, nutritious meals, reading more, or even watching a movie are all good things to do.

What are the six components of self-care?

The six components of self-care are emotional, physical, social, practical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

How to Observe Internet Self-Care Day

  1. Research activities relating to self-care

    Try using Google to find items that provide you comfort. It could be anything related to your passion, such as writing, sketching, painting, or reading. Today, indulge in your passions.

  2. Allow yourself to be pampered

    Today, take some time to pamper yourself. Purchase something you've always desired or spend a nice day alone. Today is the day to splurge on your favorite delicacies or scents.

  3. Remove sources of negativity

    While social media allows for self-expression, it also creates a lot of confusion and toxicity. You can be influenced by too much negative information and user perspectives. Do not allow anonymous people to manage your mental health by blocking anything that may harm you.

5 Interesting Facts About Self-care

  1. Self Awareness

    Self-awareness is the first step toward self-care.

  2. Doing nothing is self-care

    Even if you don't have to do anything, it can still be considered self-care.

  3. Self-care builds self-esteem

    Self-care can aid in the development of self-esteem.

  4. Self-neglect can lead to chronic illness

    60 to 70% of the chronic diseases we know in this world are caused by key parts of self-care neglect.

  5. Money isn't necessary for self-care

    It is not always necessary to spend money on self-care.

Why Internet Self-Care Day is Important

  1. It helps build healthy relationships

    Self-care assists you to have a healthy relationship with yourself so that you may relate to others more effectively. It makes you feel more energized and alert.

  2. A means of taking care of ourselves

    We spend so much time worrying and attending to other people's needs that we forget about ourselves. This holiday season reminds us of the importance of pausing to care for oneself.

  3. It assists us in maintaining our health

    Self-care is as easy as getting a good night's sleep. Sleep deprivation affects far too many individuals, and it harms both physical and mental health. Your body will be able to recover and regenerate itself if you get at least six to eight hours of sleep every night.

Internet Self-Care Day dates

2024August 21Wednesday
2025August 21Thursday
2026August 21Friday
2027August 21Saturday
2028August 21Monday

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