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ThuSep 12

National Day of Encouragement – September 12, 2024

National Day of Encouragement is observed on September 12. This is dedicated to encouraging and having a positive impact on those around us. The best thing about this day is that you can make someone happy by simply saying a few words of encouragement. Your words have the power to lift someone when they are down. They also have the power to motivate someone who might be struggling or encourage someone to pick themselves back up after a setback. A small act of encouragement could be the spark that changes a loved one’s perspective. To praise and encourage someone’s efforts is a practice worth having, no matter the day of the year.

History of National Day of Encouragement

In 2007, a group of young people at the National Leadership Forum at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, came up with the idea of The Encouragement Project. The group went on to start a celebration which they called the National Day of Encouragement. This was the result of a grim reality — these young people saw a lack of encouragement as one of the main obstacles that the youth face. They recognized the urgent need to help each other overcome negative influences.

Since the day before September 12 is such a tragic day in American history, National Day of Encouragement was also seen as a day where people across the country could get together and support each other through the grief of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. September 12 is therefore also observed as a day to honor the victims and those who continue to be affected by mindless bigotry.

Following the day’s creation, the first official to issue a proclamation was Belinda LaForce. She was the then-mayor of Searcy. The day was recognized on August 22, 2007, and the celebrations were observed on September 12 the very year. Soon afterward, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe issued a proclamation designating September 12 as “State Day of Encouragement.” President George W. Bush signed a document in 2007 designating the day as the National Day of Encouragement. A Senate resolution for the day was introduced by Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor and was passed by unanimous consent on September 13, 2011. Needless to say, National Day of Encouragement holds significance for all Americans.

National Day of Encouragement timeline

Act of Forgiveness

Pope John Paul II survives an attempt on his life, followed by him publicly forgiving his would-be assassin.

Operation Beautiful

Caitlyn Boyle starts an initiative to recognize the true beauty in every woman.

The Pay It Forward Movement

The movement encourages people to do unprompted good deeds.

An Act of Sportsmanship

Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi and Mutaz Barshim of Qatar share a gold medal at the Tokyo Games.

National Day of Encouragement FAQs

What is encouragement?

A kind word or an affirmative action that helps someone reach their goals is encouragement.

What words can I say for encouragement?

You can encourage someone by saying:
● Hang in there.
● Don’t give up.
● Keep pushing.
● Keep fighting!
● Stay strong!

How do you uplift someone who is down?

You can uplift someone who is down by simply being present for them. Invite them for a healthy meal, exercise together, take a vacation, or just let them know that you care.

How to Observe National Day of Encouragement

  1. Encourage those around you

    Say a word of encouragement to everyone whom you know personally or professionally. There’s no better way to observe National Day of Encouragement than this.

  2. Appreciate a junior

    Cheer the achievements of a junior at work on National Day of Encouragement. Celebrate the progress that they have made and encourage them to scale new heights.

  3. Encourage an emerging artist

    Encourage a budding artist by buying their art and advertising their work on your social media profile. A simple follow, like, or comment could immensely boost their business.

5 Happy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Seahorses get married

    Seahorses tend to be monogamous — they intertwine their tails to stick together while floating through the ocean.

  2. Male puppies are chivalrous

    Male puppies let female puppies win play fights.

  3. There’s romantic equality in South Korea

    There's a Valentine's Day for single people in South Korea, celebrated on March 14.

  4. Cows have best friends

    Cows have friends that they spend their days with — they get stressed when they are separated.

  5. Your dog loves you

    They are capable of showing affection and in fact, dogs regularly dream about their owners.

Why National Day of Encouragement is Important

  1. A day of love

    National Day of Encouragement is ultimately a day of love and kindness. We love this day because it brings out the best in us.

  2. A day to uplift our friends

    We all have silent struggles. National Day of Encouragement reminds us that a simple kind word can give someone the boost of encouragement that they might be desperately seeking.

  3. A day to start anew

    If you have been struggling to finish a project or simply too scared to start, let this day encourage you to start afresh. Listen to the words of encouragement around and get started on your journey.

National Day of Encouragement dates

2024September 12Thursday
2025September 12Friday
2026September 12Saturday
2027September 12Sunday
2028September 12Tuesday

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