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United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation – September 12, 2024

United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation, on September 12 of every year, is celebrated by several countries around the world. As a manifestation of worldwide diplomacy and unity among several countries, cooperation between governments in the south has helped instill peace. In an increasingly globalized world, solidarity is still a pressing issue, especially concerning impoverished countries.

History of United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

Cooperation between countries has been one of the tenets of the United Nations Organizations since its founding. South-south cooperation in particular started gaining attention due to the growth in differences in income, G.D.P., and human development between countries of different regions. Indeed, one of the aims of this observance is to promote cooperation among developing countries. This is what led to the creation of the United Nations Development Program in 1965, and the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, within the U.N. system, in 1974.

This office is the main organizational body behind the International Day for South-South Cooperation and coordinates the different cooperation initiatives with the U.N. In 1978, after the conference of the Global South, the U.N. implemented one of the earliest programs enabling this form of cooperation. With the advances in technology, technical cooperation became an increasingly important issue for the economic growth of developing countries. The U.N. Conference on South-South Cooperation became a yearly event, held to set specific benchmarks, programs, and objectives in terms of enabling this form of international cooperation.

In 2009, the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation became an independent entity within the U.N., which would provide it with more resources and enable it to plan large-scale cooperative programs. In 2015, the Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted, one of the most important documents about the U.N.’s South-South Cooperation initiative. With this adoption, several governments will take part in a collaborative effort, implementing technical cooperation programs, benefiting the economic growth of developing countries.

United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation timeline

United Nations’ Development Program

The U.N. creates its development program to enable international cooperation.

South-South Cooperation Program

The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation is created as part of the U.N. system.

The Conference of the Global South

This conference establishes the earliest programs focused precisely on South-South cooperation.

South-South Cooperation Program is Independent

The U.N.’s Office for South-South Cooperation becomes an independent entity within the U.N.

United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation FAQs

What are southern countries?

This geopolitical term refers to countries below the equator. These countries have suffered from colonialism and are also economically poorer. They are generally located in Africa, and Latin America, while some are in southeast Asia.

What are the pillars of international cooperation?

International cooperation rests on principles that are constantly pushed by the United Nations and other international organizations. These principles include solidarity, rule of law, and peace.

How many countries are there in the world?

According to the number of member states in the United Nations, there are currently 193 countries in the world.

How to Observe United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

  1. Read about the issue

    International cooperation and specifically South-South cooperation is an increasingly important issue. As of today, many countries are taking part in these efforts to improve economic and social conditions. Reading about the issue is the first step in understanding its implications.

  2. Attend events and seminars

    Many countries will organize events and initiatives specific to this issue during this special day. Make sure you attend and participate, as this is one of the most significant ways to show support for this special cause.

  3. Help or donate

    International cooperation, and South-South cooperation, in particular, are not only in the realm of governments, individuals can help too. Contact local associations and initiatives to see how you can help too.

5 Facts About International Relations

  1. First country to recognize U.S. independence

    Morocco is considered the first country to recognize U.S. independence in 1777.

  2. First ambassador in India

    The U.S. is the first country to delegate an ambassador to India.

  3. Southern countries

    Although southern countries are some of the richest in terms of resources, they are still the most low-income areas in the world.

  4. The importance of China

    During the last few decades, China has become one of the most active countries in enabling cooperation between southern countries.

  5. Foreign aid

    In the past, foreign aid constituted money and resources flowing from the North to the South. However, rising powers in the region like China, India, Brazil, and South Africa have gone on to become development assistance providers.

Why United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation is Important

  1. The main way to improve international relations

    International relations are increasingly significant today as they can greatly impact conditions around the world. The establishment of a clear model for global cooperation and south-south cooperation, in particular, can immensely help this process.

  2. Engagement of several countries

    Many governments are currently aware of the implications of this issue. South-South cooperation and global cooperation are deemed the most significant way to achieve world peace. The potential of global cooperation is now more significant and clearer than ever.

  3. Global inequality

    Global inequality is still a pressing issue. The main way to combat this is not only by helping poor countries but also by aiding them to develop and grow their own economy and capabilities, which is the aim of this observance.

United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation dates

2024September 12Thursday
2025September 12Friday
2026September 12Saturday
2027September 12Sunday
2028September 12Tuesday

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