October 16th holidays

October 16th is the 289th day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day former Chilean dictator Augustin Pinochet was arrested in London on a murder extradition warrant; Bishop Desmond Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and C.S. Lewis's The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was first published. Famous October 16th birthdays include Oscar Wilde, Angela Lansbury, and Tim Robbins. Today is National Liqueur Day and Global Cat Day.

We have 9 holidays listed for October 16.


National Feral Cat Day

Start practicing your alley cat strut and get your feline friends together.


World Food Day

Where would we be without food? We certainly wouldn’t be at Starbucks, grocery stores or restaurants.


Dictionary Day

Webster was a true pioneer for creating the reference book we use so ubiquitously!


Global Cat Day

Educating, engaging, and empowering people to defend and protect cats is the right thing to do.


National Boss's Day

If you are blessed with a great boss, you could call ‘em a boss boss.


​National Liqueur Day

Liqueurs are basically alcoholic beverages made from distilled spirits — with lots of added flavors.


Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day

Celebrate regular people who decide to dedicate their time to teach kids about their faith.


World Spine Day

When your spine hurts, everything hurts. Here’s why World Spine Day is so important!


World Toy Camera Day

Get ready to click away as we celebrate the simplest type of camera in the world.