Aphmau was born on October 16, 1989. She is an American social media personality and a YouTube star from Houston, Texas. Aphmau creates gaming content on YouTube of her playing “Minecraft.” Aphmau has an older brother, and they grew up together. Their parents, however, parted ways, and had shared custody over the siblings. She once told her subscribers that she enjoyed moving from one house to the other, as it was refreshing to change environments.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jessica Bravura


Aphmau, Aph

Birth date:

October 16, 1989



Zodiac Sign:



4' 8"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$25 million

Jessica's Social Media:


Aphmau’s real birth name is Jessica Bravura. She is an American social media personality and a youtube star who was born on October 16, 1989. She creates gaming content on youtube in which she primarily creates videos of herself playing “Minecraft.” She has an older brother and both of them grew up together in Houston, Texas. Their parents, however, separated, although she once told her subscribers on YouTube that she enjoyed moving from one house to the other as she could move away from the chaotic house.

She started her gaming channel back in July 2012 and currently has over 13 million subscribers. As she was starting the channel, she received assistance from her friends Cole, Jason, Calvin, and Chris. Initially, she had named the channel “Challenge Accepted Inc.” It struggled for a while when Chris, Calvin, and Cole left.

Over the years, she was creating gaming content primarily in “Minecraft.” Her first video was “MINECRAFT TEKKIT,” which was posted on August 20, 2012. Now she has over three thousand videos and over five billion views on her channel. Besides YouTube, she owns an online brand selling merchandise apparel and cool accessories. Aphmau is married to Jason Bravura, and they moved in together right after she turned 18.

Career timeline

Her First YouTube Channel

She starts her gaming channel in July and names it “Challenge Accepted Inc.”

Her First Video

She posts her first video, titled “MINECRAFT TEKKIT.”

Her Friends Leave Her Channel

When she starts the channel, she gets assistance from her friends Cole, Jason, Calvin, and Chris, but they all leave.

A Daily Fan Base Growth

Aphmau posts content consistently and grows a fan base of more than 13 million subscribers.

Why We Love Aphmau

  1. She connects with her fans

    Aphmau loves her fans. She hosts Q&A sessions on her channel so her fans can get to know her.

  2. She creates awesome content

    Aphmau has great content. She publishes roleplay videos of the “Minecraft” diary series, “Mod Mod World” and “Meteora Valley.”

  3. She is good at “Minecraft”

    Aphmau has been playing this game for several years now. She is a secret inventor on “Minecraft” and she knows how to create awesome potions on it.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is a secret inventor on “Minecraft”

    She discovers things in “Minecraft” and hides them in her house.

  2. She loves puzzles

    She often hides things she has discovered in “Minecraft” using pieces of codes and puzzles.

  3. She loves making potions

    She has a huge basement in her house on “Minecraft” that has a lot of supplies for making potions.

  4. Aphmau is a part mermaid on “Minecraft”

    When she touches the water, she instantly grows a tail.

  5. Aphmau is good at pranks

    She frequently pranks people on “Minecraft” using T.N.T. when they least expect it.

Aphmau FAQs

How old is Aphmau now?

She is 32 in 2022.

Are Aphmau and Ein related?

No, they are not related.

Who is Aphmau’s best friend?

Zane is considered Aphmau’s best friend.

Aphmau’s birthday dates

2023October 16Monday
2024October 16Wednesday
2025October 16Thursday
2026October 16Friday
2027October 16Saturday

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